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Title: Very สบาย / Very Sabai (Very Nice)
Artist: Coloryoung (สีหนุ่ม)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

I’ve met a beauty
You’re pale, you’re of Chinese descent, cute, and satisfying
Your legs are long, you look more dazzling than anyone else
However I look at you, we’re a good match

(*) You’re top of the line
To me, you pop, you’re more perfect than anyone
My car is strong enough to take you home
Whatever your hairstyle, it’s never out of fashion

(**) I swear to god, we must be a couple
A guy like me is sincere
How can you like acting nonchalant and ignoring me?

(***) Come and be my girlfriend, c’mon, let’s love each other
It’d be very nice, I’m a simple guy, it seems like we’d get along
Try being my girlfriend, I’d love you more than anyone else
Step this way, c’mon and dance with me
Clear the floor, we’ll test each other
Being my girlfriend would be comfortable