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Title: Best For You
Artist: Paris
Album: Human Error
Year: 2020

Look at me and please forget the past
And your devotion to someone who never accepted them
Because he never gave them any value
You wasted so much and you feel like you don’t have anyone left
I know the past hurts you
But just hug me today
You don’t have to fear anything anymore

(*) I’ll love you better than anyone else
I’ll treat it like it’s our last day
I wanna be the best for you
That’s what I ever wanted, babe
You’re worth more than anyone else in this world
You’re so meaningful to me
You don’t have to worry about the nightmare of the past

The way I see it, this world is lucky to have you
And he could never see how nice a world with you is
But I see it, and you don’t have to be sad
Let’s just have each other, and I’ll try to be the best for you


I wanna be your best, baby
Anything you want, just say it out
I wanna hear it from you
No matter who hurt you
I know, but I just wanna be the best for you



Uhh…not my favorite debut haha. Is he a singer? This is for a special LineTV album, is he an actor? I don’t know, either way, it’s way too slow and rambling, and the constant switching between Thai and English sounds so disjointed. Not to mention the whole music video is just him stumbling around..France, is it? (Did they film this in France because his name is Paris?) looking like he was drugged. I think he needs more acting instruction, someone please tell him constantly looking at the camera through half-lidded eyes while your head keeps rolling back and your mouth hangs open doesn’t make you look emotional, it makes it look like you just came off anesthesia or something