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  1. Why dont u write the most popular teenager singer in Thai..?? Jannine Weigel titled “Because Of You”
    U said there are the Eng Subtitled, but in Stay-Third, there are the Subtitle too… What the hell is that…?

    why u so stingy dont want to help me…!!!

    • There were either no official subs when Third’s song came out so i did it (sometimes RS waits for me to translate it and uses my translation in the video), or the translation was not accurate so I did my own version. Jannine (who isn’t close to being the most popular Thai singer, sorry) has accurate subs for that song already at first release. If you need them typed out so badly, why can’t you type them yourself from the music video? When I’ve single-handedly translated 6000 songs so far and still have a massive list of requests and new releases that don’t have official translations to get through, I hardly think I’m being stingy not wanting to take the time to translate a song that’s already officially translated, perhaps the better question is why are you being lazy and demanding?

      • i’m sorry, i am Indonesian so i can’t understand Thai characters and my english so bad.
        And i’m not Lazy or demanding, like i’ve said in the request site…
        “Your Romanizations of Thai Characters are the Best… no one can races you…
        So i just hope u making the lyrics, you are the Lyrics website of Thai music… Isn’t it???

        • No, I don’t make the lyrics, the lyrics I get from online either Googling the song title + lyrics or most music videos have them in the video description, then I put them in an automatic transliterator for the romanization, then I translate it. The translations are the only thing I make myself. I’m a translation site and legally I don’t have the right to post lyrics without translations, so my site is focused on translations and reviews more than lyrics 🙂

  2. Hmm…. can u tell me where website which full of Thai Music Lyrics..??? I’ll learn to romanized it by myself…… Thxxx Pee…
    I’m a fans of you…

      • No worries ^^ Most official music videos on YouTube have the lyrics in the video description, but if they don’t, I literally just google the song title + lyrics and find them that way. There’s not really a specific site I use, though Google sends me to Siamzone.com a lot~

  3. Hallo P’Tahmnong ka. I really love your blog! I really enjoy with your work and i find that this is the best website for Thai songs lyrics. I’ve been visiting the page for a while and just got myself to make a comment to thanked you. ☺ keep it up.

  4. By the way, I just A LITTLE BIT upset you didn’t translate some songs that already have their English subtitle on Youtube. Well, that’s okay but I like how you translate the songs and you know what, it helps me to understand Thai language through songs. For the songs that already have subs, maybe you just can do the romanization. Thank you!

    • I don’t do romanization, I only translate, so it’s both pointless for me to type out translations from songs that are already translated, anf also illegal, as that is considered plagiarism 🙂

  5. Hi third your song is very nice i like it so much, i hope that more song you create labyu so much

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