24 comments on ““ปลิว (Away)” by Jannina W. (Ploychompoo)

  1. It doesn’t matter what language she’s singing in, Ploychompoo never fails to impress me with how much she’s growing and improving with each new song, and I can’t believe she’s only 15 and already this talented.

  2. Thank you so much for translating this. I found the song yesterday and has been listening nonstop since. Love this song, lyric and the video is so cute too. <3

    • Sorry, I don’t hear any conversation at the end of the video. You should always include timestamps with any specific request like this

  3. The impression of the heart are worth listening to in this song we all sense this longing for someone from affair, this song will always be on my top ten.thank you for the very wonderful translation I’m very thank from my heart . sweet William

  4. I can’t stop listening and can’t even understand the words! Love the video and the story, I am grateful for this page and translations (:

  5. I love u song u my idol .even u bz with your job ,but u never forget to spend time with God

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