6 comments on ““เพราะฉะนั้นจึงรักกันเช่นฉะนี้ (Pror Cha Nun Jeung Ruk Gun Chen Cha Nee)” by Su Boonlieng‎

  1. Thank you very much. Again, I like your word choices!

  2. Just one question: “แต่ความรัก ที่ให้กัน” Can it mean “but the love we give each other” ?

    • It could, but in context the singer is talking about his own love. It would sound pretty arrogant and presumptuous to say something like “your love for me will never lessen” haha

        • It can mean like “together” or directing an action to someone else.
          Think of it kind of like the English pronoun “them”
          ie “I really love them”
          It could be plural, or it could be ambiguously singular depending on the context and how specific one wants to be

  3. Thank you very much indeed, for even help me understand Thai language, khun Tahmnong. After all, you and your web site are the best resources for learning Thai. I really appreciated it!
    + This is the best explanation I’ve ever had about the word!

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