5 comments on ““เรื่องของเรา(อย่าบอกเขาเลย) [Secret]” by K-Otic

  1. Hi there! I love your translations!
    I speak Korean so I translated what I understood from his rap. (His Thai accent is so thick!!)
    Here it goes:
    누구의 이야기 아니어도 아름다운 소중한 사랑이야기
    It’s not just anyone’s story. It’s (our) beautiful, precious love story.
    우리를 시작했어 우리를 끝나야 하는 그런 너와 나
    (We) started us. You and I are the one’s who have to end us.
    단 둘만의 memory 어떻게 다른 남자를 믿고 말한 우리 사랑줄거리
    Only the two of us’s sweet memory. How can you believe other men and speak of our love plot-line

    • He has a Thai accent? o_O He was a fresh off the boat Korean and can barely speak Thai at all. Interesting~
      But thank you so much for your translation! 🙂
      I’ll update the post and credit you 🙂

  2. I think because he is trying to sound thai haha or maybe he just always has a weird way of speaking ><
    also here is the transliterated. maybe it will be helpful!

    nuguye iyagi anieodo areumdaun sojunghan sarang iyagi
    urireul sijakhaesseo urireul ggeutnaya haneun geureon neowa na
    dan dulmanye memory eoddeohge dareun namja reul midgo malhan uri sarang julgeori

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