2 comments on ““ความเหงาโทรเข้ามา (Kwahm Ngao Toh Kao Mah)” by Techin (เตชินท์)

  1. I don’t know if it’s just only me, but man is Techin voice is sexy. Just perfectly deep and manly that it definitely suitable,for a cute man like him. He is one of the kind who I can go fangirl crazy; 555. Thank you!

    • He does have a nice voice, but I don’t know, like all of his songs seem to be about self loathing, oh, I’m not good enough for you, blah blah, it’s like he has such an inferiority complex, I want to shake him and tell him to get some self confidence and that will make him a million times more attractive, cause girls really don’t like the self-pitying types haha xD

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