9 comments on ““เพื่อนกันพูดไม่ได้ทุกเรื่อง (Peuan Gun Poot Mai Dai Took Reuang)” by Candy Mafia

  1. Aww, the song was so touchy. Loved every meaning of it, it was so exquisite and strong. It is sad when you fall in love with a girl-friend or boy-friend and don’t know how to make things right. Thank you so much! 🙂

      • I have a little doubt. What they said at the first part at in the end? Cuz I try to put the subs in the official channel in english but I can’t understand too much (I think that is cuz the original subs are in korean). I hope that you can help me with that. Thanks!

            • 00:02:20 – 00:02:52 – The teacher says there’s only a month left until the taekwondo championship, so they’re going to practice harder on the days they have left, so for everyone’s sake, they will write down their feelings for each other and put them in the box, and from then on they’ll be a team and best friends, giving each other love and support, and helping each other win.

              00:03:27 – 00:03:59 – The girls like “What the heck?” and the boys like “it’s me” then he just busts out “Do you like me?” and pulls out the note and says “because of this” and the note says “I hate feeling like this, secretly in love with my best friend.” and she’s like “It’s not my handwriting” and rips it up

              00:06:02 – 00:06:42 – The boy gives her the note that says “I want to let her know that I secretly love my best friend” and says that it’s what he put it in the box and that it was about the girl, then tells her not to get mad, and the girl finally says “I can’t get mad at friends”

              I think that’s it haha

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