3 comments on ““ฉันยังอยู่ทั้งคน (Chun Yung Yoo Tung Kon)” by Nat Sakdatorn (ณัฐ ศักดาทร) AF4

    • Yay, Lala, you’re back~ haha
      I really like this song too, I’m glad someone requested it or I might have missed watching the video. It is quite touching, and I hope I did a decent job at making the translated lyrics sound as pretty as they do in Thai~ <3

  1. Thank you for the warm welcome back. I am too is glad to be back and start listening to good music; Hehehe. You hope?! You did a marvelous job! While listening to the song and to just read the lyrics was just so meaningful. Again, thanks! 🙂

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