10 comments on ““เบา เบา (Bao Bao)” by Singular

  1. i just wanna say thx mate for puting this up im was looking for this for long time hehe im playing guitar but i cant read thai but i understand the english translation so this help me a lot 🙂

  2. thank you so much for posting this……. i love this song!
    I’m not that, btw
    that’s why I’m so glad to find this <3

  3. This is the song that my best friend once played for me. I used to listen non stop. Its an all time favourite songs. He now left for me Thailand but the memoirs of being with him comes every time I listend this song. Miss u Nongchai. Be back! Chuk Chuk Chuk:-*

  4. thAnk you for the english translation it help me a lot because i really loved this song. I beginning to practice this song in thainas well . Thanks again 🙂

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