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Title: ครูของเรา / Kroo Kaung Rao (Our Teacher)
Artist: Gang4
Album: OST วัยระเริง / Wai Ra Rerng
Year: 1998

No matter how tired they are, they never complain
They endure to make us the best people
And instruct us so we can have today
We have our teachers to show us the way to g

(*) Like a small boat leading us
With certainty to help us achieve our dreams
When we separate, it’s only the past
But the teachers stay the same

(**) The wonderful mind of the teacher always pays attention
With concern and gives us everything
Teachers always forgive us when we get lost
And lead us down a beautiful path

(***) Teacher, this word has so much meaning
I’ll remember you in my heart, I’ll never forget
No matter how long it’s been, a teacher will fight to the end
In everyone’s hearts
We’ll love and miss you, teachers, forever