4 comments on ““โลกที่ไม่มีเธอ (Lohk Tee Mai Mee Tur)” by Portrait

  1. Hi, my friend, could you help me with the video dialogues?
    are fansuber and I need them for the video, I will give you the respective credits.

    • at 1:00 — guy: hey! you promised we’d go to the movies together
      girl : but my work isn’t done *guy throws movie tickets* girl : fuck you
      at 1:50– guy on the phone: Belle, you’re not done with your work yet? then i’ll go hang with my friends
      at 2:33– guy : you can’t even untangle your earphones, who’s gonna be there to untangle them for you all the time
      at 3:40 — guy: can we not break up
      not sure who says this : we won’t be happy living like this
      girl: it’s better for us to break up

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