8 comments on “Downtime/Errors? and Minor Updates

  1. Sawasdee krap from Switzerland!
    No bandwith problem here, the adds do not disturb me!
    Keep going, great site! And do not forget to backup!

  2. And if this site gets noticed by a lot of people (I’m assuming), how are you going to handle all the translating?

    • I’ll manage hahaha xD It’s not so bad right now, and I actually find translating to be relaxing, so I don’t mind coming home from work and doing it or anything haha. Besides, if the site gets noticed by a lot of people, perhaps by then I can be earning enough from it to quit my second job and put more time into it. 😛 And I feel like I’m translating more songs than there are new releases coming out right now, so…EVENTUALLY people will run out of stuff to request, right? xD hahahaha

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