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    • Not to be mean or anything, but I’m really curious, this song is really popular, but I personally don’t understand why? xD;; The lyrics are so bad hahaha >_>;; What about it do you (or anyone else who wants to answer) like so much? 🙂 Honest question, seriously no offense intended~

      • I really like the beat of the song and I heard a lot of English word in this song so I was just wondering what was the meaning because I am half Thai but, I don’t understand much
        Thank You Tahmnong!!

      • I seriously thought that I was the only who was thinking that. From the beat/melody of this song to the meaning and to the title does not make no sense. At first I was all hype up to hear this new upbeat song from them and once it came on I was so not digging it. Just picturing how people would dance to this song makes me wonder how does it even give them the groove on. I would of been booing if this song came on. Yeah, I agree no offense intended it’s just my personal opinion regarding this song.

      • I know I’m like, super late, but I’d figure I’d answer. Though, my opinion might mean much since I am an American fan (different cultures, different opinions maybe) and I only know about this group from the internet. No one in my country knows who they are, lol. But here are my thoughts:

        Being a US fan that only knows English, hearing the song, it sounds really will put together and a fun party song, In fact, if someone did an English version (with better lyrics, of course), I have a feeling it could be sucessful on American radio. So, b/c I didn’t understand the Thai parts, the English lyrics (with the exception about cleaning the toilet lol) were actually pretty good. Not to mention, alot of mainstream music in America (especially hip hop) has gotten really bad lyrically (example: Real G’s move in silence like lasagna-from a Lil Wayne song). So, trust me, we Americans are used to/don’t mind bad lyrics lol.

        Not to mention, I am a fan of this group, so I am a bit biased lol.

        But, reading your translation, I feel like this song is meant to be a fun “forget your problems” party song about well, partying, I don’t mind songs like that. It’s basically like “society pushes you down, but forget about that, break the rules, get dirty, party” message. Mainly something teens go for. Lyrics like: Everyone wants control, Everything you say is wrong, the more you ask, the more wrong it is, and Really think about it, you’ve lost your rights to everything” are what gives it that “society pushes you down/society sucks” vibe.

        To be honest, lyrically, this isn;t bad for a “society pushes you down, but forget about that, break the rules, get dirty, party” song. It only gets bad at the verse that starts with “ผู้ใหญ่เค้าชอบใช้ Big bag” and the verse that starts with “Let’s get dirty ,dirty mother f**** ,”

        The Big Mac line made no sense, but could have been re-written in a way so it did work. It could have been, but wasn’t. THe “adults like to carry a big bag” thing could be a refrence to briefcases. You know, like saying adults are controlled by their jobs/society. So, that line could work. “You so dirty go take a shower” — that line isn’t the best, but I’m so used to lines like that in AMerican songs trying to be “clever”, so I don’t mind. THe toilet thing ruins the song, though.

        I’m going to come out and say it, even though people might like it, but, to be honest, this isn’t the only time where TJ’s ended up throwing the song off. *cough cough* the rap in their song “Me Too” *cough cough* I mean, sometimes his flow’s on point, but sometimes…we get stuff like this and the verse in Me Too. Meh. It is what it is.

        In general this song is good, but it just needed a few lyrical changes, especially the toilet line.

        Sorry this was so long hahahaha.

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