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Title: เพลงพิเศษ / Pleng Piset (Special Song)
Artist: Yves Sirachaya ft. Tee Jetset’er (อี๊ฟ ศิระฉายา Feat. ที Jetset’er)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

(*) ในคืนที่แสนพิเศษ
Nai keun tee saen piset
On this special night
ผู้คนมากมาย อวยพรให้เธอ
Poo kon mahk mai uay paun hai tur
Many people give blessings to you
Cheun jai tee dai pob tur
Happy to meet you
Pahp kwahm sook roy yim lae kwahm sot sai
The image of happiness, a smile, and cheerfulness

(**) ฉันก็มีบางอย่างเล็กน้อยที่ทำด้วยใจ
Chun gor mee bahng yahng lek noy tee tum duay jai
I have something small I’ve made with my heart
อยากฝากไว้ ไม่เคยทำให้ใคร
Yahk fahk wai mai koey tum hai krai
I want to entrust it to you, I’ve never done it for anyone else

(***) ไม่มีของขวัญเหมือนใคร ดอกไม้ช่อใหญ่
Mai mee kaung kwun meuan krai dauk mai chor yai
I don’t have a present like everyone else, nor a big bouquet of flowers
Mee dtae siang pleng mai mai dtung jai dtaeng hai tur
I have only a new song that I wrote for you
อาจจะไม่ค่อยเลิศเลอแต่อยากอวยพรให้เธอ เจอสิ่งดีดีด้วยเพลงนี้
Aht ja mai koy lurt lur dtae yahk uay paun hai tur jur sing dee dee duay pleng nee
It night not be very amazing, but I want to give blessings to you that you’ll find good things through this song
ขอให้มีความสุข ตลอดไป
Kor hai mee kwahm sook dtalaut bpai
I want you to be happy forever


Title: 30+แล้วไง / 30+ Laeo Ngai (30+, So What?)
Artist: Yves Sirachaya
Album: [Single]
Year: 2014

When I laid eyes on you, I liked what I saw
When you stared at me, I got nervous
Nothing is important, isn’t that true?

We just have separate ages, we didn’t plan it
I was just born a little earlier than you
That’s all, it’s not a big deal

(*) You’re a bright teenager, how can I take care of you?
They can’t take care of you like I can
Whatever you want, I’ll find whatever you desire
All I ask is you don’t deceive me and hurt me

(**) Age is just a number
Number three is still a small number
My experience is enough
If you dated me, you’d see we’d get along great
One and two probably seem like just a kid
But number three, that’s perfect
If you look into my eyes, you’ll understand
However earlier I was born, it’s not important

I want to know what you’re searching for
Is it a steamy love or understanding?
I’m telling you, it’s not easy to find, isn’t that true?
If you feel good and warm inside
We’ve met, so don’t, don’t let this pass by
For this matter, you need to try loving an adult


Because you, you are everything
That my heart wants
How could I let you get away?