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Title: Whoa
Artist: Daylight
Album: ??
Year: 2009 (??)

Whatever I do, in whatever way or whatever thing
Regardless wherever, can you control your temper with me?
Don’t make me nervous, things are changing

Well, let it go
I don’t know when life will have a way out
How it’ll end, I still don’t know

(*) Every time my heart gets nervous (nervous)
Life still continues on
However much I don’t want it to
The heart continues to endure it

(**) Whoa! I still don’t know how it’ll be
Whoa! Sometimes we just gotta try it and see
Whoa! Control your feelings, keep your heart from getting weak and wavering

Regardless of the time, however it’l end
No matter why, understand the significance

(***) Whoa! Do everything for your own understanding
Whoa! Whatever you think, try it and see
Whoa! Don’t let your heart waver, waver

No matter how it’ll be
I want you to still be able to think
Before the times change
Before the time will change your mind


[[Thai lyrics coming soon]]