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Title: Show Me Please
Artist: Neko Jump
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

ไม่ต้องมา fake ไม่ต้องมา make
Mai dtaung mah fake mai dtaung mah make
There’s no need to fake it, there’s no need to make it
Keun nee dtaung jut nuk
Tonight we must really prepare
ไม่ต้องมายึก ไม่ต้องมายัก
Mai dtaung mah yeuk mai dtaung mah yuk
There’s no need to duck, there’s no need to dodge
Yah hai dtaung nun koy
Don’t make me have to wait

ไม่ต้องมากิ๊ก ไม่ต้องมากั๊ก
Mai dtaung mah gik mai dtaung mah guk
You don’t have to flirt, you don’t have to tease
Keun nee dtaun bplo bploy
Tonight we must let it go
ไม่ต้องมาชัก ไม่ต้องมาช้า
Mai dtaung mah chuk mai dtaung mah chah
There’s no need to hesitate, there’s no need to dilly-dally
Show me my bad boy
Show me, my bad boy

(*) ชอบคนที่เปิดเผย click เลยแค่สบตา
Chaup kon tee bpert poey click loey kae sop dtah
I like guys who reveal themselves, who click just looking in your eyes
Kaung raeng dtaung bploy mah
Something strong needs to be released
Alright, Alright Surprise to me
All right, all right, surprise me

(**) ช่วยโชว์ให้ดูก่อน ขอดูของเธอก่อน
Chuay show hai doo gaun kor doo kaung tur gaun
Please show me and let me see first, I want to see yours first
ก็โชว์ให้ใจมันร้อน ใจมันร้อน ให้มันร้อน
Gor show hai jai mun raun jai mun raun hai mun raun
Show me and make my heart hot, I’m impatient, make it hot
com’on baby, let’s have fun
C’mon, baby, let’s have fun
ขอดูข้างในหน่อย Show me please
Kor doo kahng nai noy show me please
I wanna see inside, show me, please

จะมองอะไร จะมองอะไร อ๊ะใจมันปั่นป่วน
Ja maung arai ja maung arai a jai mun bpun bpuan
What are you looking at? What are you looking at? Ah, my heart is frantic
มาทำเป็นแชร์ มาทำเป็นชวน มากวนให้คิดไกล
Mah tum bpen share mah tum bpen chuan mah guan hai kit glai
You come and share, you come and tempt me, you come bothering me and making me think too far
ไม่ต้องมายึก ไม่ต้องมายัก ไม่ชอบพวกหัดใหม่
Mai dtahng may yeuk mai dtaung mah yuk mai chaup puak hut mai
There’s no need to duck, there’s no need to dodge, I don’t like amatures
อย่างงั้น อย่างงี้ อย่างโง้น อย่างงี้ เอาที่สบายใจ
Yahng ngun yahng ngee yahng ngohn yahng ngee ah tee sabai jai
Like that, like this, like that, like this, ah, that’s good


เนื้อร้อง : เนติ ผ่องพุทธคุณ
ทำนอง/ เรียบเรียง : แชมป์

After being delayed a little bit following the girls’ legal troubles over Instagram photos, rsfriends twin duo Neko Jump finally get to release the music video for their latest single, “Show Me Please”~

…Hmm. While the song’s not bad, even though EDM isn’t really my cup of tea, and I feel like it repeats and goes on a little too long, I had a hard time sitting through the whole music video. I can deal with the flirty, obviously sexual innuendoed lyrics, but choreography that focuses on rubbing the crotch and pelvic thrusting just seems so trashy and awkward to me.

While the girls certainly are stunningly pretty now, and it’s nice that they’re finally dressing and acting their age and not confined to the cutesy cutesy identical twin little-girl look they sported at their debut, I’m not impressed by the wardrobe choices for the MV either. Disco outfits with EDM? And maybe it’s just me, but tops with necklines that plunge to the bellybutton have never been flattering. And the white wig silver-ribcage look reminds me too much of the backup dancers from Magic Power’s “射手” music video.

There’s mixed reviews in the Youtube comments about it, with people loving it, people hating it, and people loving the song but hating the MV haha. What do you think?