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Title: Sexy Sexy
Artist: Lipta ft. OG-ANIC
Album: [Single]
Year: 2019

(*) Sexy sexy sexy
Sexy sexy sexy
Sexy sexy sexy

Oh เธอ
Oh tur
Oh, you


Nee koon mah tiao kon diao chai mai
You came out here alone, didn’t you?
เอ๊ะ คุณเป็นดาราหรือว่ายังไง
Eh koon bpen dahrah reu wah yung ngai
Hey, aren’t you a celebrity?
Hoon hern koon gor dee yoo rai yahng ngun
Your body is fine
Tum hai pom dtaung maung
It makes me have to look

Nee koon roo juk taeo nee reu yung ja
Do you know this area yet?
Diao pom pah bpai dern len ao mai la
Wanna go for a little walk with me?
อยากดื่มอะไร สั่งได้เลยนะ
Yahk deum arai sung dai loey na
Whatever you want to drink, you can order it
Long bill tee pom dai loey
And send me the bill

คืนนี้เมาได้เลย เดี๋ยวเทกแคร์เอง
Keun nee mao dai loey diao take care eng
Tonight you can get drunk and I’ll take care of you myself
Mai dtaung huang mai dtaung glua ai puak nuk leng
You don’t have to worry about or fear any hooligans
Yahk hai koon dten rum bpai gup siang pleng
I want you to dance with the music
ทุกอย่าง OK OK
Took yahng okay okay
Everything’s okay, okay


Tur chahng suay baht dtah
You are stunningly beautiful
Krai pahn mah la gor bpen dtaung jaung maung
Anyone who passes by must stare
โอ้โห อาหมวย อย่าช้า
Oh hoh ah muay yah chah
Ohh, baby, don’t dilly-dally
รีบเข้ามา อย่างเธอน่ะต้องลอง
Reep kao mah yahng tur na dtaung laung
Get over here, I’ve got something you have to try
Sawaut dee krup koon poo ying koon cheu arai
Hello, babe, what’s your name?
Laeo keun nee koon wahng bpai tiao gup pom chai mai
Tonight you’re free to go out with me, right?
อ้าวฟังนะ จะกินอะไร
Ao fung na ja gin arai
Listen, what do you want to eat?
เอาแบบที่ปากคุณอยาก เพราะผมไม่ใช่คนเอาแต่ใจ
Ao baep tee pahk koon yahk pror pom mai chai kon ao dtae jai
Get whatever your mouth wants, because I’m not a selfish guy
เอาแต่ใจซะที่ไหน ผมน่ะจ้องจะเอาแต่คุณ
Ao dtae jai sa tee nai pom na jaung ja ao dtae koon
How am I selfish? I’m just going to order you
บาปก็ไม่ทำ ก็ผมน่ะจ้องจะทำแต่บุญ
Bahp gor mai tum gor pom na jaung ja tum dtae boon
I won’t do anything sinful, I’ll only make merit
วันสงกรานต์ ก็เตรียมน้ำไว้เล่นกับคุณ
Wun songkran gor dtriam num wai len gup koon
On Sonkran, I’ll prepare some water to use on you
ทุกเช้าที่ลืมตา จะเจอผมยามรุ่งอรุณ
Took chao tee leum dtah ja jur pom yahm roong aroon
Every morning when you open your eyes, you’ll find me at dawn



Produced by : Lipta
Lyrics and Composition: Lipta
Rap lyrics : OG-ANIC
Arranged : Nino


I cannot wait for this fad of adding trashy rap verses to every shallow song comes to an end, and I’m so heartbroken even Lipta has fallen down this path. I love the Caribbean feel this song has, and the girl in the music video certainly is attractive, but tell me, are there any females here who would have a random guy walk up to them at night, ask them if they’re alone, if they know the area well, then tell them to go on a walk with them and that they want to get you drunk and NOT have alarm bells immediately going off in their heads that this is a situation they should get themselves out of? I hate that this way of thinking is still advertised as romantic when it’s creepy as heck