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Title: Run to You
Artist: Matcha (มัจฉา)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2021

ทุก ๆ ครั้งที่ lonely
Took took krung tee lonely
Every time I’m lonely
ทุก ๆ ครั้งที่เสียใจ
Took took krung tee sia jai
Every time I’m sad
Wun tee chun mai leua krai lae aun wai
When I don’t have anyone left and am weak
จะมีคนคนนั้น ที่จะคอยมาห่วงใย
Ja mee kon kon nun tee ja koy mah huang yai
I have someone who will care for me
จากคนเป็นล้าน ที่เจอแต่สุดท้าย
Jahk kon bpen lahn tee jur dtae soot tai
Out of the millions of people I’ve met, but in the end

(*) I run to you
I run to you
I run to you
I run to you
Mai gee kon rauk na tee kao jai
Not many understand
Lae maung hen chun jahk kahng nai
And see me from the inside
ไกลแค่ไหน ต้องการแค่เธอ
Glai kae nai dtaung gahn kae tur
However far apart we are, I only need you
I run to you
I run to you

เพราะในบางที เราต้องการจะมีคนเข้าใจ
Pror nai bahng tee rao dtaung gahn ja mee kon kao jai
Because sometimes we need someone to understand
Tur nun yung ja bpen kon raek lae kon soot tai
You’re still my first and my last
แม้ร้ายหรือดี ถ้าฉันต้องการใคร
Mae rai reu dee tah chund taung gahn krai
No matter if things are good or bad, if I need someone
Tee gaut chun wai nai wun tee pit wung
To hug me when I’m disappointed


I’m gonna run and run to you
I’m gonna run and run to you



Executive Producer Daboyway, Aekk Na Ranong
Produced by Richard Craker
Lyric and melody by Wiriyapa Chansuwong
Arranged by Punsadej Phungsujarittham


GMM has really been going in on Matcha, she’s been really pushed a lot lately, and seems like they’re trying to find her niche by giving her a variety of different types of songs to sing, from rap/hiphop, pop, and now R&B, from strong independent women themes, to sexy and promiscuous, to now emotional and touching. Which style do you like best (if any) for her so far?