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Title: คนที่เสียใจคงไม่ใช่เธอ / Kon Tee Sia Jai Kong Mai Chai Tur (The Person Who’s Sad Probably Isn’t You)
Artist: Pete Pitipong (พีท ปิติพงศ์ ผาสุขยืด – The Voice)
Album: OST ตกหลุมหัวใจยัยปีศาจ / Dtok Loom Hua Jai Yai Bpee Saht
Year: 2016

I never thought that we’d be in a relationship
When it came to the matters between you and I, I overlooked them and didn’t see
But I wanted to hope further than this
But I was stuck in hesitation

(*) My heart is scared of a connection like this
Afraid of a love that isn’t clear
I never know how things will end up

(**) I didn’t want to love, but I got seriously hurt
Why did I have to go and love you?
If love isn’t like I dreamed, I can only fantasize on my own
The person who’s sad probably isn’t you

I’m living with the same old silence
But the thing that’s been added is uncertainty
I don’t know any more than this
Who do you want me to be?


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