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Title: บันไดดอกรัก / Bundai Dauk Ruk (The Steps of Love’s Flower)
Artist: Om and Min
Album: OST บันไดดอกรัก / Bundai Dauk Ruk
Year: 2013 ?

I think just the stem of love is growing
Making love bloom in my heart
I’m scared, I can only be scared that you’ll break my heart

(*) It’s out of reach, I can’t stretch anymore
It’s as far away as my dreams
The flower of love in my imagination shouldn’t be reached for

(**) I smell the scent of love, it’s more than I can resist
I can’t refrain, I’m climbing to pluck its fruits
If I can possess that precious flower, I’d take good care of it

However many times I see you, I’m still nervous
I get symptoms I don’t understand
I don’t know where to send my love to