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Title: เรื่องที่ผ่าน / Reuang Tee Pahn (Matters of the Past)
English Title: “Dear Love”
Artist: MIM
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

Tonight, I’m sitting and staring at the moon, thinking of you and the old stories
When I looked in your eyes, held your hand, and our feelings changed when we said good-bye

(*) And I know that you will never come back again
And tonight, I must forget it

(**) Forget the matters of the past
Everything about you and me
And let things move on when we’re separated
I no longer have the good days
When it was about you and me
I’ll let it be just an important memory the two of us have

The long nights, the nighttime makes me think of the old days
The moonlight shining down, the more the stars in the sky make me long for you