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Title: Lonely
Artist: Clash
Album: [Single]
Year: 2019

นานละ…ไม่มีใครรักไม่มีใครสน I feel so lonely , very lonely
Nahn la mai mee krai ruk mai mee krai son I feel so lonely very lonely
For a long time, no one has loved me, no one cares about me, I feel so lonely, very lonely
ให้ตายเถอะชีวิต ต้องไปดูหนังคนเดียวกินข้าวคนเดียวช่าง lonely
Hai dtai tur cheewit dtaung bpai doo nung kon diao gin kao kon diao chahng lonley
Screw this life, I have to watch movies alone, eat alone, it’s so lonely
Oh very lonely
Oh, very lonely

โดนทิ้ง…ที่เจ็บวันนั้นมาจนวันนี้ตัวฉันยังไร้คู่ ฉันยังไร้คู่
Dohn ting tee jep wun nun mah jon wun nee dtua chun yung rai koo chun yung rai koo
Getting dumped hurt back then all the way to today, I’m still without a lover, I’m still without a lover
Gor loey mah laung kit wah kon yayhng chun mai dee dtrong nai tummai yung rai koo tummai gor mai roo
So I started thinking what’s wrong with someone like me? Why am I still without a lover, I don’t know why

(*) โสดมาเป็นปีๆทำไมไม่มีใครรักซักที พอจะมีมั้ยคนดี
Soht mah bpen bpee bpee tummai mai mee krai ruk suk tee por ja mee mai kon dee
I’ve been single for years, why doesn’t anyone love me? Will there ever be anyone?
Tee praum ja gaut lae aoh lai hai klai kwahm ngao jai
Someone who’s ready to hug me and put their arms around me to relieve my loneliness

เธอคนๆนั้นคือใคร โปรดช่วยมาเอาใจฉันไปคนดี
Tur kon kon nun keu krai bptoht chuay mah ao jai chun bpai kon dee
Who are you? Please come and take my heart, darling

Ur na nah dtah yahng chun mai lor mai suay mai ruay meuan kao rauk
Yeah, an appearance like mine isn’t handsome, isn’t pretty, isn’t rich like others
Mai ruay meuan kao rauk
I’m not rich like others
ความดีก็มีนะ…ฉันไหว้พระพุทธ พระธรรม พระสงฆ์ ฉันถือในศีล 5
Kwahm dee gor mee na chun wai prapoot pratum prasong chun keu nai seen hah
But I have good points, I prostrate before the Buddha, Buddhist doctrine, and monks, I uphold the five Buddhist precepts
Laeo dtae cha dtah fah
It’s up to heaven’s destiny



Produced by Clash
Lyrics ​​by ปรีติ บารมีอนันต์, อนันต์ ดาบเพ็ชรธิกรณ์ ​​
Melody by ปรีติ บารมีอนันต์​​
Arrange by Clash & Botcash

What a rollercoaster of emotions. At first it was “Oooh, Clash is back…Are they trying a Japanese single?” Then I started listening to it and realized it was Thai, then it felt like “oh, great, another Thai music video filmed with them walking around the usual touristy areas of Tokyo.” But the more I listened, the more I really liked this upbeat electronic sound~ ..Then I noticed all the lyrics was just another “When will someone love meeee” song. Then I realized it was at least filmed in Kyushu, so yay, something different than just the same old shots at Shibuya and Harajuku and all those places~ But the music video has random shots of actors in between that don’t really tell a story, is this for a movie or commercial or something? Or just a really random music video? So. Conflicting feelings with this release haha.