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Title: ต้นรัก / Dton Ruk (The Beginning of Love)
Artist: Jitarawadee Treemat (จิตรวดี ตรีมาศ)
Album: OST ต้นรัก
Year: 2001

Only you, it’s only you
Whom I’m warm when I’m near
You who keeps embellishing my dreams
Making me certain in the things I’ve found

(*) When I’m lonely and have suffering in my heart
It seems like I have someone worried about me
Comforting me and drying my tears
I want to repay you for once

(**) I want to give you the love I have
It’s the first love of my heart
I want to give it to you
Just to the person I’m certain about
Turn around and look me in the eyes once again
You’ll see that I have someone
That one person
In my heart is you

In my heart is you