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A little late, I know, considering rock god Sek Loso’s comeback album came out last November, but I was so busy moving, and my friend and fellow translator/reviewer Ann Norman wrote such a lovely review of Sek Loso’s “I’m Back” that I never got to share, so I wanted to finally give everyone a chance to read it~ 🙂

Sek Loso’s new release, aptly titled “I’m Back,” is the first since his hospitalization for drug addiction and a subsequent year-plus-long bout with severe depression, specifically bipolar disorder. His fans and well-wishers can be relieved that the sidelined rockstar has returned with a solid album. I’m not the best one to review it. I know of Sek Loso mainly because of the mutual respect between him and Aed Carabao (Sek calls P’Aed a hero). I am a huge Aed Carabao fan, but even I have to admit that, these days, the younger man outsings our hero. Sek Loso has a rich deep voice with an eerie vibrato. He reminds me of Lady Gaga somehow, being an enormously skilled performer channeling mysterious wild energies. I recently saw a YouTube in which Sek pulls off a flawless and oddly erotic cover of “Booa Loey” while simultaneously smoking a cigarette, playing guitar, and strolling through the crowd, greeting fans.
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