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Title: Grow Old
Artist: Sqweez Animal
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

Waht fun wah tur dai fung pleng tee hai
I dreamed that you listened to the song I gave you
ฟังเสียงหัวใจทอดกลอนส่ง Sweet Melody
Fung siang hua jai taut glaun song sweet melody
That you listened to the voice of my heart extended through the verse, sending a sweet melody

(*) เราจะรวมนับวัน ไม่ให้ฝัน ได้แพ้ใจ
Rao ja ruam nup wun mai hai fun dai pae jai
We’ll add up the days and not let our dreams fail
เราจะโตไปด้วยกัน สำเร็จฝัน
Rao ja dtoh bpai duay gun sumret fun
We’ll grow old together, accomplishing our dreams

Dung fun lamur meua mee tur yoo glai glai
It’s like a dream when I have you near me
Kwahm ruk wai yao dtaung koy tanaum doo lae yahng dee
Our young love must be carefully preserved

Hai suay ngahm
And making them beautiful

Hai suay ngahm
And making them beautiful

Hai suay ngahm
And making them beautiful


Music / Lyrics / Arrange : Singha Musikapong
Guitar / Bass / Synth / Rhodes : Singha Musikapong
Chorus : Win Sirivongse
Drums : Ayu Charuburana
Vocal Editing : Grittatham Khaojang
Mix & Mastering : Pete Tanskul at 8Bit Mixlab


Wow. From a rough draft of a song the late Singha sent Win a year before his death, using the original music tracks with Win singing it, it finally gets released~ The music video is gorgeous, with the sketchy style giving new life to old videos and pictures of Singha in a beautiful tribute. How heartbreaking it is to know that he will never grow old now…