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Title: กุญแจ / Goonjae (Key)
Artist: Frozen Flower
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

The time that passes by is like it’s still yesterday
It will never fade away
Life is dark
I’m like someone who doesn’t know where they’re going
What they’re doing, and seem indistinct
Like a person without an exit
Because you sealed off my heart
And you’re the possessor of that key

(*) My heart is like a locked room
Waiting only for you to come and turn the key
And lead me out of the darkness here
I want you to know my heart still doesn’t have anyone else
It has only you
I know full well there’s no way to turn back our time

My heart is still daydreaming
It’s like you’re still here
I’m like a drifting person who’s still waiting without a purpose
The visions of the old days are still like a shadow that haunts me
I want to force my eyes closed and sleep and not wake up again
My heart refuses to accept the truth
It’s waiting in those days, that’s my karma
I’m sinking with the torture


I’m living like someone who’s still breathing
But it’s like I’m without a spirit


I know full well there’s no way to turn back our time