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Title: Friends
Artist: Nicha (ณิชา) & Friends
Album: OST นางอาย / Nahng Ai
Year: 2017

เคยมองตาทุกวัน เธอกับฉันไม่เคยต้องไกล ไม่ว่าจะทำอะไร ก็เคียงข้างกัน
Koey maung dtah took wun tur gup chun mai koey dtaung glai mai wah ja tum arai gor kiang kahng gun
We once looked into each other’s eyes every day, you and I were never far apart, no matter what we did, we were beside each other

(*) มันใจคอไม่ดี ถ้าพรุ่งนี้ไม่เหมือนทุกวัน แล้วฉันจะมีผู้ใด เข้าใจได้เหมือนเธอ
Mun jai kor mai dee tah proong nee mai meuan took wun laeo chun ja mee poo dai kao jai dai meuan tur
I’m in a bad mood, if tomorrow isn’t like every other day, who will I have who can understand me like you?

(**) ถึงเวลา จากกันแสนไกล ไม่รู้อีกนานเท่าไรจะเจอกัน
Teung welah jahk gun saen glai mai roo eek nahnt ao rai ja jur gun
It’s time for us to separate far apart, I don’t know how much longer until we can meet again

(***) ปล่อยให้น้ำตาที่ล้นใจ ให้มันไหลช้าๆลงมา มันคือน้ำตาที่มีค่า แทนความหมายของรักในใจ
Bploy hai num dtah tee lon jai hai mun lai chah chah long mah mun keu num dtah tee mee kah taen kwahm mai kaung ruk nai jai
I let the tears that overflow flow slowly down, they’re the tears that have value, representing the meaning of love in my heart
ฉันสัญญาเราจะเป็นเพื่อนกันไป ตราบนานเท่านาน
Chun sunyah rao ja bpen peuan gun bpai dtrahp nahn tao nahn
I promise, we’ll be friends for as long as possible

วันที่เธอท้อใจ ไม่มีใครให้คิดถึงกัน แล้วฉันจะคอยส่งใจ ไปเคียงข้างกัน
Wun tee tur tor jai mai mee krai hai kit teung gun laeo chun ja koy song jai bpai kiang kahng gun
When you’re discouraged and don’t have anyone else thinking of you, I’ll send my heart to be beside you



คำร้อง ธาดากร
ทำนอง/เรียบเรียง จักรกฤษณ์ มัฆนาโส

Title: เพื่อน / Peuan (Friends)
Artist: K-Otic
Album: Friends
Year: 2012

(*) สัญญา ว่าวันเวลาจะไม่มีทาง ลบภาพเราไป
Sunyah wah wun welah ja mai mee tahng lob pahp rao pai
I promise that the passing days have no way of erasing our images
หัวใจ ที่เราเคยมีให้กันจะยังเหมือนเดิมใช่ไหม
Hua jai tee rao koey mee hai gun ja yung meuan derm chai mai
The hearts we once gave to you will still be the same, right?

Mai pen rai loey mai koey niao rung
It’s okay, we were never discouraged
Mai tahm het pon tee tur dtaung pai
I won’t ask why you have to go
Kae piang hai tur dai jum ao wai
I only want you to remember
Mai mee krai taen tee tur
That no one can replace you

I am the one that’s cryin’ now
I never thought that things would turn out this way
And I hope we gotta be back some day
I keep my head up ****** but I will take my chance
To the last, burn the negativity down

(**) ยังจำฝันเหล่านั้นได้มั้ย เรื่องที่เธอชอบเล่าให้ฟัง
Yung jum fun lao nun dai mai reuang tee turchaup lao hai fung
Can you still remember those dreams? The matters you liked to tell us about?
Mai wah proong nee dtua chun ja yoo tee nai
No matter where I’ll be tomorrow
ฉันก็ยังจะคอย เอาใจช่วยเธอเสมอ
Chun gor yung ja koy ao jai chuay tur samur
I’ll still keep wishing you success, always
เธอยังฝันแบบนั้นอยู่มั้ย ขอให้เธอทำได้ทุกอย่าง
Tur yung fun baep nun yoo mai kor hai tur tum dai took yahng
Are you still dreaming like that? I hope you can do everything
Mai wah proong nee dtua chun ja pen yung ngai
Regardless of how I’ll be tomorrow
ฉันก็ยังรอดู อยากรู้เห็นวันของเธอ
Chun gor yung ror doo yahk roo hen wun kaung tur
I’m still waiting to see you, I want to be a part of your days

(***) อย่าทิ้งฝัน เมื่อฉันจากไป
Yah ting fun meua chun jahk pai
Don’t throw away your dreams when I leave
อย่าร้องไห้ เมื่อเราจากกัน
Yah raung hai meua rao jahk gun
Don’t cry when we separate


Kae rao yoo hahng glai gun tao nun
We’re only far apart
Mai chai wah chun soon sia tur pai
It’s not that I’m losing you
Ja ror jon tur glup mah wun nai
I’ll wait for the day you’ll come back
Roo mai ruk yung kong derm
Do you know? Our love is still the same

I know we made a pact, I know it’s pure fact
You know I got your back when it’s stormin’ and the aftermath
As far as I can see, you leaving to the overseas
So maybe I’m gone and you’re left with the best of me


내가 어디에 가든 무엇을 하든
naega eodieh gadeun mwoseul hadeun
Wherever I go, whatever I do
내 마음 속에 only you
nae maeum soge only you
Inside my heart there’s only you
시간이 지나고 지나도 나에게는 just for you
sigani jinago jinado naegeneun just for you
Time passes, and although it passes for me, it’s just for you

Promise you I’ll never ever forget you
No matter where I am, my love for you stays the same


[NOTE 1: I’m sorry, there’s no lyrics anywhere for the rap, and it’s so hard for me to understand them speaking English, so I have no idea of the accuracy of my attempts, especially Kenta. He confuses me, because I feel like his Thai is slightly accented, but then his Japanese sounds it too? Or maybe it’s just me. Did he throw in Japanese into his rap? I couldn’t even guess one line.

Edit: Thank you Teagz for some corrections in the English rap! And thank you to Rachel for helping out with the Korean part! ^_^]

[NOTE 2: Okay, since sooooo many people requested this song/video from me, to make up for the shoddy job on the raps, and since I experienced the same thing through D2B/Dan-Beam and know how much it sucks when a record label splits up your favorite group just because one member is going to be out of commission, I’ll translate the speaking parts in the video here too. 🙂 Starting from the beginning:]


Poppy: I’ve been in K-Otic since I was about fifteen years old, and now it’s been five years that we’ve been K-Otic.

Kenta: It’s been the best times. I wouldn’t have been able to have this experience anywhere else.

Keuan: Being K-Otic has changed my life. I’ve liked having the responsibility.

Tomo: For some people, it might seem like such a long time, but for me, it passed very fast.

Jongbae: I’m a Korean living in Thailand. I feel happy that fans keep supporting me and giving me love. Thank you very much.


Tomo: Honestly I’ve known that Jongbae would have to go back for military service, but I still can’t accept it.

Keuan: I felt shocked then, even though we new already, but…I’m not ready.

Poppy: As soon as I knew the time we had left was less than a year, I was shocked too.

Kenta: At first I couldn’t say a word, and as soon as I sat and thought about it, like…Is it really happening? We’re still having a hard time accepting it…it happened so fast.

Poppy: We thought we still at had at least one or two more years, or less than three that we could continue to be K-Otic.

Tomo: It was so fast. Honestly, I want K-otic to stay K-Otic with all its members, five people, forever.


Jongbae: When I knew that soon I’d have to serve my military service, I felt…sad. I am Korean, it’s my duty I must fulfill. There’s no way I could not go, so… Leaving fast is better, so I’ll hurry and go, then I’ll…hurry and come back.


Keuan: Since the first step of joining Kamikaze, I knew I wanted to be a star.

Jongbae: I used to be just a normal guy, I had nothing, but I felt happy that people were supporting me and loving me.

Poppy: We’d probably have no right to dream if we weren’t standing right here.

Kenta: I’m proud to have so many fans who keep supporting us and keep following our work.

Tomo: I used to dream that…we had another ten years ahead of us for K-Otic to be together and put on concerts. And we’ve grown up together and keep supporting each other, and will be K-Otic together forever.


Fan 1: The reason I love K-Otic is because since the first time I saw them, I felt like “wow, I like this group.”

Fan 2: This group connects with their fans so much.

Fan 3: Since following them for four years, I found I really like them.

Fan 4: I saw them from a different point of view. They had something, like, they cared about our time up in the countryside and kept asking us what we ate or how we came back. Besides us supporting them, we were supported by K-Otic too.


Tomo: If we don’t have Jongbae anymore, it wouldn’t be K-Otic anymore.

Keuan: Don’t be sad, like…it’s the end. Be..Be happy, remember the memories… We met each other one day, and we got our moment, this moment.

Kenta: I never thought K-Otic would have to disband…but we have to separate.

Poppy: K-Otic became a part of my life until…I’m sure the images will never leave. If I’m not here, what will I be?

Tomo: Honestly, I feel really sad because we rose up, we are K-Otic, it’ll stick with me, like, there’ll never be a day that the word “K-Otic” can be erased from me.

Poppy: But if K-Otic can’t be five people, then it’s not K-Otic.


Fan 1: Thank you for the good times and the good memories you gave us.

Fan 2: No matter what happens, if someone separates or someone new comes in, K-Otic are extremely special to us.

Fan 3: Thank you for the great memories over these past five years. We love you.

Fan 4: We’ll keep all the good memories right here and wait for them to come back. Whether they do come back or not, we’ll still be right here, waiting for them in the same place.