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Title: Can You Hear Me?
Artist: Brown Flying
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

เพลงที่เธอเคยได้ฟัง ช่างโหดร้าย
Pleng tee tur koey dai fung chahng hoht rai
The music that you used to listen to is so cruel
เสียงร่ำลา ของคนที่มาหนีไป
Siang rum lah kaung kon tee mah nee bpai
The good-bye of the person who ran away
เพลงที่จะให้เธอ มันมีความหมาย
Pleng tee ja hai tur mun mee kwahm mai
The song that I’m giving you is meaningful
This song don’t wanna say goodbye
This song doesn’t want to say good-bye

คือเพลงรักในท่วงทำนอง ที่เขียนขึ้นมาจากสายลม
Keu pleng ruk nai tuang tahmnong tee kian keun mah jahk sai lom
It’s a love song in melody that was written from the wind
ที่ก้องกังวาน เธอนั้นต้องฟังด้วยใจ
Tee gaung gung wahn tur nun dtaung fung duay jai
That echoes, you must listen to it with your heart
ลอยอยู๋ในทุกทิศทุกทาง ฉันก็ได้แต่ร้องไป
Loy yoo nai took tit took tahng chun gor dai dtae raung bpai
Floating along in every direction, I can only cry out
Please don’t left me behind
Please don’t leave me behind

(*) Can you hear me อยู่ตรงนี้
Can you hear me yoo dtrong nee
Can you hear me over here?
Bproht kit ja fung pleng ruk chun tee
Please consider listening to my love song
Can you hear me อยู่ตรงนี้
Can you hear me yoo dtrong nee
Can you hear me over here?
Mai roo wah tur dai yin mun reu bplao
I don’t know if you can hear it or not

เพลงที่มันจะผ่านมา แต่มันไม่วันจะพัดไป
Pleng tee mun ja pahn mah dtae mun mai wun ja put bpai
The songs that have passed by, but never come back
Pleng tee yung mee kwahm mai
The songs that are still meaningful
คือเสียงหัวใจ บอกรักจากสายลม
Keu siang hua jai bauk ruk jahk sai lom
Are the voice of the heart, telling they love someone from the wind


The song is catchy, and I really like their sound, but the lyrics… I don’t know how to explain it; they’re cute, it’s an interesting take on telling-someone-you-love-them-through-a-song, but they seem to fall short a bit and don’t really jump out at me. Like, I understand what they were trying to go for, but I don’t think they quite made it all the way. The music video is also just a standard shot of the band playing. Not blown away by this release, but all in all I’ve heard a lot worse haha. What do you think?