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Title: Erase (Thai Version)
Artist: Flukie x Jeaniich Ft. BenBizzy(93Flow)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2014

(Hello) Today I saw a familiar face
(Hello) It was you, why do you look different?
(Hello) Because I’m meaningless to you
I’m out of benefits and I’m worthless, I can feel it

If you forget about me, I don’t care, I have someone else
I don’t care where you go or with whom, I have someone too
I can’t hold you back anymore
There’s no way things will be the same, no way, yeah

(*) Please don’t expect much from me
There’s no need to think if it’s going to trouble your heart, no
Stop it, doo doo roo doo doo roo
Where’s our love? I don’t say yeah

(**) I’ll erase everything that once was (once was) you
I’ll erase everything that I’ve ever done (ever done) for you
We can’t turn things back, no no
Back to the way things used to be, yeah, yeah, oh

(Good-bye) I’m annoyed every time I hear the same words, babe
(Good-bye) Let’s separate, I don’t want there to be any problems
(Good-bye) Because I don’t have any value left to you
It’s over, I’m meaningless, I know

They say if we get hurt, our hearts should remember
But I don’t know why I still think of you every day
And your image is still stuck deep in my memory
With the lips that once kissed me with the feeling that we were connected
I still think only of you
Every song that I write, yeah, every song’s about you
Oh girl, please, don’t run away yet
Give me a little time before everything disappears


Bye bye, I’m staring until your image
Gradually disappears into the darkness
However far apart we are (however)
The more I miss you (I miss you)
I can’t find a reason why
The last words we spoke were “good-bye”