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Title: ยิ่งโสด ยิ่งสวย / Ying Soht Ying Suay (The More Single I Am, the More Beautiful I Am)
Artist: Belle Mananya (เบลล์ มนัญญา – Girly Berry)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

The symptoms are starting to intensify like this every time
Every night, I get a lonely feeling
Has fate forgotten my name?
I’m so sad, I don’t have anyone looking after me

(*) Since I’m this beautiful, cupid’s hands must be trembling so he hasn’t been able to hit me yet

(**) I can be single, I can be single
I don’t have any plans to get rid of my single status
I’m single, so the prettier I am, the more single I am, the more beautiful I am
If anyone wants to flirt with me, please tell me, I won’t get mad
Oh, this girl’s single

I just don’t have someone taking care of my heart
I just don’t have someone thinking about me, that’s all
I’m just listening to music, eating, and watching movies alone
I just, I just, I just don’t have a boyfriend, that’s all


I only have big brothers, I don’t have anyone beside me
The guys I talk to are my friends, I don’t have something
I don’t have someone


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