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Happy New Years to all my lovely readers!
I hope 2013 treats you all well with good health, fortune, and happiness!!

I apologize things have rather slowed here. As you may or may have not noticed my note at the top of the request page, my trusty computer has finally passed away on me after 7 good years. RIP 🙁 Never fear, though, as I can still steal my boyfriend’s computer in the mean time to continue updating (albeit slower than usual) until I can afford to get a new computer, so Deungdutjai will still go on! 🙂 Though now I can’t yet afford my own hosting like I planned, you can notice Deungdutjai now has its own .com address! And a new layout (minus the banner and logo since that died with my harddrive, but will come soon)! And soon a facebook fanpage! So we’re slowly growing~

Though I’m still a little hesitant of biting off more than I can chew, I’ve also been toying with the idea of expansion beyond just lyric translations and think I’m going to go ahead and have a section for Thai music news, including things like new releases, concerts, rumors, and scandals, as well as a section for album reviews, in case anyone wants an opinion or in-depth look before buying a CD. 🙂 What do you guys think?

And, of course, I’m always open to feedback and suggestions!

Cheers and happy new year!
~ Tahmnong ทำนอง

Hey all my lovely readers~ ^^
Just a heads up that I’m leaving for Thailand today and will be there till the end of the month, and since I’ll probably have very little time and/or desire to translate while I’m there, I’m gonna go ahead and declare a brief hiatus during my vacation. So I apologize for the delay, all free-standing requests will still be gotten to! It’ll just take a little longer.

I’m still working on revamping the blog! I haven’t forgotten! I was hoping to have it done before I left for Thailand,’s a slow process and life got in the way haha… xD So. Soon! Yes.

I’m tentatively going to leave my request page open, for now, just to see what I might be able to get to, and to let my lovely readers continue leaving requests if they don’t mind the wait~ 🙂 The only thing I ask is that (especially those of you with multiple free-standing requests), please don’t come back every day and post 10 more requests each day of my vacation TT-TT;; hahaha. I will close the page if I feel like I’ll be too overwhelmed when I get back.

Thanks again for all your love and support!! Everyone who has left such nice comments that I haven’t been able to reply to yet, know I do still read every one of them and I do appreciate everything!! ♥ I look forward to making this blog bigger and better for you all~ 😀

– Tahmnong

Just a couple of announcements:

First, it looks like GMM Grammy has decided to cancel its decision to pull all of their videos off Youtube? I haven’t heard any official statement about it, but it was funny because at first they were uploading them privately, then using the private link to link to it on Gmember in their own embedded player, however they were removing the Youtube logo, overwriting the player code, and overwriting Youtube’s advertisements with their own, which was a breach of Youtube’s TOS since they were basically stealing youtube’s bandwidth. When they were caught by fans, they quickly restored the Youtube logo and stopped overwriting the advertisements, but now they seem to have given up and made all the videos public again on Youtube and have returned to uploading?
So I guess all the fans boycotting did some good? 🙂 Maybe they realized they were only stunting themselves from the international market?
Regardless the reason, I’m just happy to see they have decided to continue uploading their music videos on a stable, international website for fans all over the world to enjoy~


Deungdutjai has reached it’s 1,000th song translation!! 😀

I want to thank all of you for all your requests, comments, support, and 460,000+ page views~
It all means a lot to me, and you give me the inspiration to keep this site alive! 🙂

Since this site has grown a lot since I first started it, I’m considering what else I can do to continue expanding it.
A new layout is in order, for sure, I was even thinking of investing in my own host and domain name.
I was also thinking about creating a Facebook page for Deungdutjai, just to have a more communal place and stimulate more discussion where you guys can post your thoughts and reviews about songs, music videos, albums, and meet other Thai music fans. There I can also update with new release news, upcoming artists, disbanding groups, record label news, concerts, etc. Maybe even have a Thai word of the day for those interested in learning Thai or expanding their vocabulary. We’ll see what my spare time allows, and I’ll keep you all updated!

I just want to end this post with a big


to all my lovely readers and supporters!
Stay tuned for more updates and translations! 🙂
– Tahmnong

Edit: To make it clear how far this goes, I’ve also hear that Grammy has also stated they won’t even allow people to COVER their songs. That means no aspiring singers can show off their voices to Grammy songs they like, no musicians can make piano, ukulele, or guitar covers, nothing. They do not want full versions of their songs available online because they feel it is too easy to record/rip the audio from streaming sites and fear people will do that instead of buying the albums or mp3s.

Here is an English article from Bangkok Post about the situation:

I guess Grammy would get more revenue from ads if they used their own site rather than Youtube, especially if they’re still talking out details, so I guess I can understand Grammy’s frustration from that if they don’t have a deal worked out so they would get paid ad revenue from Youtube, but is this really the right way to go? Moving all their songs and videos to a website only in Thai that very few people check regularly? The nice thing about Youtube is that it’s an international site in many languages with users all over the world that makes it easy for people everywhere to discover new music. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to get that broad reach with their own, limited site… What do you guys think?

I also have no idea if it’s true, but I’ve been hearing rumors that Grammy was considering charging a subscription fee to be able to view the full videos and media on their site. What do you think? Would you guys pay for the access? Or is that being too greedy? Continue Reading

สวัสดีปีใหม่ไทย ทุกๆคนค่ะ!

Today is the Thai new year, so happy new year, Thai music fans!

In the Buddhist calendar, it’s the year 2555. In Thai, the number 5 is pronounced “ha,” so I hope this year brings everyone lots of laughter and joy like it’s number suggests! 😀

Hey all you Thai music fans~ ^_^
This is just a heads up that I’ll be on holiday from Dec 20-27 ~
You’re still more than welcome to leave me requests for when I get back, I just ask that you understand that I probably won’t have time to get to them while I’m out. 🙂

I hope you all have a happy holidays as well! ^_^

I love you all!
~ Tahmnong ทำนอง

Wow, it’s officially been over a year since my last post on this blog. I want to apologize to anyone who kept coming here for lyrics and translations to find no updates, and for those who requested things I never quite got around to. When the old Thai entertainment reviews blog I used to do with my friends died, I lost an interest for blogging and instead decided to translate and sub music videos on Youtube. That lasted for the past year, but now that GMM Grammy is going power hungry and going on rampages deleting youtube accounts with anything by their artists or songs on it, I had to take all my videos down. But I love translating and miss it terribly, and there’s still so many good songs out there that I want to translate so everyone can understand them. So I return to raise Deungdutjai from its ashes.

My life has been really busy lately with me going to school and working five days a week while still trying to keep a social life with my friends and boyfriend, but I’m going to promise you guys that I will do my best to give this blog a makeover and keep it updated for Thai music fans of all countries~ 😀

I’ve made an official request topic, and I ask that everyone please leave a comment there with your requests, as everything just got so hectic and disorganized with comments and emails and I just couldn’t keep them straight. So here it is, be sure to comment there if there’s anything specific you’d like to see 🙂

Thank you everyone for your support~~ 🙂

Edit: The request page has moved! I’ve made it a page instead of a post so it will be pinned to the top and more people will be apt to see it, since I’ve been getting several requests as emails and comments on other random posts and I’m afraid I’ll lose them all >_> So.
For requests, if you haven’t found it already, please post them Here!!! 😀 Thanks!!

I need a single place for them or I get unorganized and lose track of them. So please leave me a comment here if there’s something specific you’d like me to translate for you. 🙂
Please include your email in the email spot when you comment (it won’t show publicly with your comment but I’ll be able to see it) if you’d like me to e-mail you when your request is fulfilled, as I’d like to delete comments with finished requests just to keep the list current.

I am happy to take requests, but all requests must include the song title and the artist, even better if you can give me the song title in Thai script. Please don’t give me requests with just a song title or just an artist’s name. Not to be mean or anything, but I really don’t have the time or the will to go looking for lyrics with just a song title and not knowing if it’s the right song you’re looking for, or looking for songs by an artist hoping you’ll like them.

Thank you for understanding~! ^-^

Heyy, I’m sorry I like…forgot about updating this blog haha
But now that I’ve gotten a lot of comments and requests and such and see people are actually using this and coming here and reading and all, I promise I’ll keep this active and updated~~ 😀
I’ll do all the requests~ And I have much more translations to update with as well~
I’ll try and do that…tonight? haha soon soon soon soon.

Feel free to request anything as well~ 😀