4 comments on ““เอาละโว้ย (Ao La Woey)” by Twopee Southside

  1. Are there any rappers you like, Tahmnong? I’m not hip into Thai rap as I once was since I live in the US. It’s pretty crazy hearing familiar flows in other country’s rap songs though.

    As far as braggadocios lyrics go…it’s a staple in hip hop to flex lyrical prowess and skills! The only genre where artists can actually battle too!

    But I do agree that variety is nice to have 🙂

    • I like everyone from Gancore club, especially Joey Boy, Fukkling Hero, Buddha Bless, as they tend to have unique songs that include Thai instruments or lyrics that include Thai cultural references, so maybe they’ve spoiled me with their unusual unique lyrics haha~ For more standard hiphop, two of the members of Thaitanium are from New York and are pretty legit with their style and sound (and codeswitch between unbroken English and Thai perfectly), Kangsom “KS'” Thanatat is also pretty classy with his songs and writes and produces it all himself, which is always impressive for me, I love love love Wonderframe’s voice and style, MVL is always good, and he can rap and sing, and Naina, the winner of Thailand’s version of Show Me the Money, isn’t bad from what I’ve heard~ Even UrboyTtJ is really starting to grow on me with his later songs!

      I don’t mind bragging songs, and being able to kill in a rap battle is totally respectable (I’m not a fan of Illslick, but I really respect him for that), but alllll the hiphop songs people are requesting these days are just those lyrics, and often times the credits have them written by someone else, so its like someone else is writing your brags?? With hiphop now the popular genre in Thailand, it just feels so manufactured like this, like they’re trying to create and give themselves that thug persona. For actual singles, variety is definitely good, and keep the feuding and bragging to he rap battles (like Illslick does), in my own opinion

      • Ah, I used to listen to Joey Boy and Thaitanium heavily!

        I totally agree with the whole “manufactured” sound. A lot of rappers in America try to emulate the sound of rappers from Atlanta, Georgia and the “trap” sound is everywhere here. I even hear the same influence in other countries like China and South Korea with their hip hop.

        A rapper with a ghostwriter? NO RESPECT!

        Even though everyone requests the same hip hop songs for you, I always scroll down to check your commentary because they are always legendary. Especially that one song “Shibuya” and “Ronald McDonald TJ” LMAO

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