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  1. Woop !! I’ll gladly help out (I probably could help out a lot! My school has been closed for quite some while due to protests *(I think it’s about pay raises for school staff and funding schools?)* and lack of staffing, which gives me a lot of time to do things, but AGH It’s terrible to be missing school today due to finals ^^” Oh well, I’d probably do a better job picking out broken links than solving math problems for an hour :P)

  2. Here’s a few pages with non-official videos/unavailiable videos I found <3
    I could've skipped over some things unavailiable due to inappropriate lyrics, or the artist's name wont allow me to go to the page due to a keyword (ex. Parn Thanaporn) (I'm currently using a laptop that is monitored and I don't wanna risk trouble, and the pages are mostly blocked ^^")

    — Completed —

    (Dare I start a new comment solely for AB Normal? Haha- I'm assuming they're an older band?)
    Actually, this comment would be extremely long and overwhelming if I just put every page ^^"
    Should I just drop a comment on the page with a non-official/unavailiable video, or comment them here as I've done?

    • Thank you SO much!! Comment here or the individual page, either is fine, whatever is easier for you! I really appreciate this! I’ll fix them as soon as I get off of work ~~

  3. — completed–

    (This list is quite long- I’ll just keep commenting the links on this thread~)

    • Oh my goodness!!! You were busy!! I can’t believe you spent your lucky time off of school going through all these! haha, thank you so much~~~ All of these have been updated as well~ ^3^

      • Ah no problem!! Unfortunately I go back tomorrow, so I’ll make sure I comment more links today and possibly when I have more time as school starts back up.

        — Completed —

        I have to go do chores and stuff ^^” I’ll post some more when I’m done

        • Holy cowwwww, you already made it through the A’s! You are incredible!! <3 I can't thank you enough for all your time going through these~~
          As I finish them, for the sake of scrolling on this page, I'll remove the completed links from your comments, if that's okay 😀
          I hope you have fun with school starting again haha, and oh man, I'm sorry the romanization some artists choose for their names doesn't look so nice in English so it ends up blocked for you haha x'D

          • Newsflash ^^” Turns out school is canceled once more (Thank goodness, I can get to some more pages. Maybe later today or tomorrow, some stuff went on and I’m waiting for a convenient time to put more links without being interrupted ^^)

  4. Hi Tahmnong,
    Here are some blocked videos for Nicole Theriault

    I hope this helps a little.

  5. Here are the ones I found for Nicole Theriault again but listed by link instead of just the song name. I think that makes it easier for you. Am I right?


    Just finding a few of these makes me realize what a big job it will be for you to take them all out.
    So I must say again, Thank you for this website and all the work you do for us.

  6. I also didn’t find anything blocked in the W’s or X’s.

    Once i got going with this, it was kind of hypnotic.

    • Thank you again, especially for the tedious task of going through letter by letter! I can’t express my thanks enough ><

      • ยินดีคะ่

        PRAEW ^__^ set the good example, so I thought I would just start at the other end.

  7. -Completed-

    This is NOT all the T’s. Done from the top, T-skirt through Takkatan Cholada.
    I will pick up where I left off when I can.

  8. -Completed-

    Still not through the T’s, stopped after Thanwa Roseetanu (R-Siam).
    Again, I will continue when I can.

    • Actually none of those links were T’s (M Auttapon, Grand the Star, Buddha Bless) haha, but thank you none the less!!!

      • That’s because I followed the extra links at the bottom of the artist or group song list, such as
        “Solo projects by…” or “Group projects by…” just to be thorough.

        Grand the Star came up under The Star, and actually that’s the one I didn’t finish because there are so many under “All songs tagged The Star” that i gave up and went back to the T’s.

        I was going to mention that overlap but I forgot.

    • Thank you again so much!!! >3< I've been working my way down the N's, as well as any random links sent by others and updating everything by any artist I index new songs under, so hopefully it won't take much longer to go through what's left!

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