3 comments on ““ปล่อยฉัน (Bploy Chun)” by Retrospect

  1. Your comment at the end made me laugh haha I’ve never listened to Retrospect (besides this song ^^) but I look forward to listening to the rest of their terrible emo streak 😛 I actually got this song from Red Crow Mask from Mask Singer season 3! I love the show and his voice as well (For some reason I thought he was Keng Thachaya ???) The screamo part scared me, as I literally shot and sat straight up, took my headphones off and gawked ^^””””
    Do you watch Mask Singer, Tahmnong?

    • Seriously, both them and Bodyslam were absolutely intolerable in the early to mid 2000s haha~
      I haven’t watched a reality singing contest since Academy Fantasia 4 😛 Thailand has far too many, and they all have scandals about being rigged and such, I can’t keep up haha~

      • Haha~ I don’t chill when it comes to shows and series. I’m told to chill out when it comes to that stuff 😛 Retrospect and Bodyslam have better music now- I can’t possibly imagine Bodyslam’s older songs. Bodyslam is actually older than I am RIP But they’ve come a long way.

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