One comment on ““รักกินไม่ได้ (Ruk Gin Mai Dai)” by Songkran Rangsan

  1. Cold you please Translate what you wrote, I’m pretty much in a situation like this and would like to have what you wrote translated.
    Love the site and have been using your translations to express my love and feelings over the past 8 years of living here in Thailand, learning to sing songs using your translations really helps me understand the language better, thank you 🙂

    ‘As much as I can understand the hurt feelings of being told that you can’t give someone enough, especially in terms of money, and some people definitely expect more than what others would deem reasonable (gold diggers do exist), but people also have to look at their situation and try and see things from the other’s point of view. To be practical, this song is correct, you can’t eat love, you can’t live off love, and perhaps the girl (or guy) doesn’t have enough to support two people or she doesn’t want to take on the guy’s debt, etc, so she would rather not live in poverty or be struggling to get by, even if she loved the guy. I feel like it’s naive to think that “love conquers all” in the real world. And if that’s not the situation and the girl (or guy) is only interested in someone who can buy them lots of things, then they’re not worth crying over losing~’

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