One comment on ““ความฝันกับจักรวาล (Kwahm Fun Gup Jukkrawahn)” by Bodyslam

  1. From The lyrics, it can be implied that Bodyslam is inspired by the thought of Existentialism except claiming Heaven as the one which decide. Quite interesting as it is too philosophical for me. I have been drawn to attention of his songs since the release of Dharmajati. I like how he question the existence of beings. In the Dharmajati, he pointed out some concepts which are similar to Heidegger’s Philosophical norms like “Dasein” and “Dasein with Facticity”. I am looking forward to more thoughtful and sophisticated songs from him. I also wonder what makes him inspired to write this kinda songs using the words like Heaven, Indigo, Dharmajati.

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