8 comments on ““เธอมีฉัน ฉันมีใคร (Tur Mee Chun Chun Mee Krai)” by Da Endorphine

  1. I like Da Endorphine when I coincidentally listen to รู้ทั้งรู้ on Youtube. And now, once again… she is really impressed me by her voice with full of emotions. I like the beautiful melody, the meaningful lyrics and touching video that เธอมีฉัน ฉันมีใคร brings to me. Especially, I am in the same situation like this so that why it is really meaningful for me. Thanks ดา เอ็นโดรฟิน na ka!

  2. Great to see this reversed here in Thailand. This is normally the guy singing this in the UK. Culture here is different though, more open I feel.

  3. Just want to say thankyou! I work as singer at Thai restaurants, I’m thai myself but can’t read or write the language. With the help of your romanized lyrics, I get access to all the old and new songs! So grateful!!

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