4 comments on “Album Review: Getsunova – “The First Album”

  1. Thanks for the sharing of this album review. I love the voice of this band and bought their limited boxset of this first album. Besides the music, the graphic design of the whole album is really delicate, filled with surprise to me.
    I think you are right, since 2012, the release of “ไกลแค่ไหน คือ ใกล้ / Glai Kae Nai Keu Glai”, they are on the way to be a superstar in the entertainment industry.
    I am also curious that such a band with many hits in the recent 3 years, why they before had not release a full album yet? Maybe it’s the change of production label?
    BTW, I watched the live show of Getsunova online. And there still needs some improvement in their live show performance, which I think is the necessary to judge who can be the real superstar.

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