6 comments on ““ไม่กลัว (Mai Glua)” by 25 Hours

  1. Since I don’t understand thai, I always focus on the melody first when I listen to thai songs. I think the song is quite nice, and it reminds me to their song เที่ยงคืนสิบห้านาที (one of the first songs that I heard on my first visit to Thailand years ago)

    But I agree with you, the lyric is not among their best.

    Thanks again for translating.

  2. This song was used in the last episode of Project S: Spike. The effect of the song (and lyrics) when combined with a beautiful moment on screen was simply superb.

  3. The lyric of the song is pretty generic, true, but when put into appropriate situations, the feelings and emotions are extraordinary. Like, in Spike’s last episode. It was a peaceful and satisfied sensation laced with hope.

  4. Searching for this song up and down after the Project S series, so happy I found here!
    I thought its female vocalist when watching the show. crazy @@

  5. I am so happy to find this song. Yes, I’ve heard it first from Project S Spike and it beautifully matches the mood of the last few scenes of the series.

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