2 comments on ““Superman” by Evo Nine

  1. Oh my gosh, thank you <3 Now, I actually understand it. I knew it actually said "Baby girl" and not "Barbie girl", which is what the subs claimed it said.

    But, wouldn't เธอรู้บ้างไหมว่าเธอช่าง rock your body mean something along the lines about him wanting to rock her body? "Rock" being a euphemism for dancing or sex? Or is the "rock your body" lyric just incorrect English on Mono's end?

    • เธอ = you
      รู้บ้างไหม = do (you) know?
      ว่า = that
      เธอ = you
      ช่าง = very
      rock your body
      So I think they just used incorrect English haha, or “you really rock your body”, it means she looks good I guess haha

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