3 comments on ““คิดดัง ( Loud )” by UrboyTJ

  1. But, for real, can we talk for a sec about how damn pretty the girl’s voice is? Her name is Amp Achariya, but I can’t find anything on her. Do you know who she is?

    I figured this was a sex song to begin with, and I didn’t mind it, until “I’m ready to penetrate you”, OH MY GOD! Good on him for being honest but geeze that’s TOO blunt. Geeze, perv overload XD
    And yeah, the tattoo is real. He’s had it since 2014, actually.

  2. And, the fans are making it more gross, cuz they keep commenting how “พูดสิ’ sounds like the P word in English that means lady parts (and cats). Even the Thai fans are pointing out XD

  3. He has improved a lot from 3.2.1. I actually like this single. Mainly the girl’s voice. Her part is my favorite. The poot si part though. Lol. I had to make sure i wasnt really hearing pussy at first

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