4 comments on ““แชะ แชะ (อยากเชลฟี่กับเธอ) [#Selfie]” by Lada (R-Siam)

  1. Well, considering that she was Miss Teen Thailand in 2013 (I think), she probably already has taken a photo with a lakorn actor, or at least will now, since she is a singer. And, the English title irks me because “#Selfie” is literally a rip off of the title from that crappy American unfunny parody song “#Selfie” by The Chainsmokers. To be honest, though, as shallow and meaningless as this song is, this one is still better the better #Selfie. I mean, you know, if I had to choose. Also, who’s the alleged “celebrity” buy in the vid that she takes a picture with?

  2. And it is not a meaningless song it’s talking she’s saying that she wants someone special to take a selfie with

    • I think it’s the fact that she’s talking about taking selfies of herself everywhere and taking one with a celebrity as being her number one goal in life is what they meant is is shallow and meaningless, which I would have to agree with 😛

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