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  1. Hey there~
    I think the collection is perfect, GMM Grammy has lots of variety~
    And my favorite song was Never by 25hours, It gets better the more you listen!

  2. Thank you and “EThaiCD” for this cool giveaway.
    I like this collection, especially Rock part of it.
    My favourite song of 2015 was Bodyslam’s “Only Time”.

  3. I got to agree with the list. It has the songs from my favorite bands like Getsunova and Potato. My favorite song in the list, currently having a last song syndrome, is Writhing by Ploychompoo.

  4. looks like a really solid collection by GMM, I would have to say the song I listened to the most was “Sky & Sea” by Earth Pattarawee, the violin was what got me hooked on it, it’s just incredible. Then towards the end of the year I began to listen to Ploy Chompoo’s ep

  5. I think this is such an excellent collection with the best and the most popular songs in 2015. If possible, I would add several songs, such as: ฉันมีเพียง – WHITE ROSE, บางความคิดถึงทำให้เราเจ็บปวด – คัตโตะ. These songs are not the top songs, but their melody can breathe a new life into the list. Also, their lyrics sometimes can tear you apart inside. I’m so happy that my favorite song of 2015 is on the top of the list: ทิ้งไว้กลางทาง – POTATO. All its music, lyrics and music video are absolutely flawless. P’Pup’s voice melted my heart and especially when I’m heartbroken, I just can’t help replaying it over and over again. It deserves to rank no.1 in the 2015 collection.

  6. I really like Jannina W’s song ^_^.
    Sky & Sea have nice melancholic mood, but I will put You You You on compilation for the best ^_^.
    There is too little 25 hour’s songs! Gravity is fantastic, and Never have perfect wibe… more 25 hours, please ^_^!

  7. AWESOME! I love this line “Even though it’s wrong, I still love you, I don’t understand, but I still continuously think of you” from track number 19 “ทั้งที่ผิดก็ยังรัก / Tung Tee Pit Gor Yung Ruk (Even Though It’s Wrong, I Still Love You)” by AB Normal”

    I am such a huge fan of your website and i appreciate the translations for every song that you guys posted. @EthaiCD is my supplier of merchandises especially Lovesick and Hormones. Khob khun na for the memories of 2015 and lets cheers for more years to come na kubb

    email: iamjinler@gmail.com

  8. I like this collection but, I wished they would have added Bie Sukrit’s song: มันแปลว่ารัก / Mun Bplae Wah Ruk (It Means Love). To me, it was a great song of 2015, along with Abnormal and Dew Arunpong’s lakorn soundtrack,that is on this collection. I listened to these three artist more often than the rest.Sometimes,I would even sing along with their songs and learn to pronounce words of the thai language. Lastly,I am also super amazed that Jannina W’s song was compiled on this long list of collection because she is an rising artist that I love too! ^_^

    Thanks EthaiCD for the donation and thank you so much Tahmnong for the translations and giveaway 🙂 Your translations have helped me understand and enabled me to sing along with the thai songs that I’ve enjoyed and listen to. <3

  9. Me when only one song of New & Jiew is only featured. 🙁 They are BOP. Nat is bop too. Those are the only two (songs) that I know. LOL

  10. Most of the song in the “GMM Grammy hits of 2015” Album I like and had listen before. Some in it I had not listen so couldn’t comment much.

    But I really think that for Thai song it always love and feeling song that make it so special and unique in a way. Though I am not a Thai but I understand through the lyric translation so this i why I start to love Thai song. So I felt “ไม่เคย / Mai Koey (Never)” by 25 Hours should be the first because this song can be talking about relationship in life about missing someone. I can be family or your love life.

    So in conclusion I think “ไม่เคย / Mai Koey (Never)” by 25 Hours should be the first. No offence just a comment and a two cents of my thought 🙂

    Have a nice day 🙂

  11. What a list!! I’ve listened to most of the songs and I loved them so much. GMM is always my choice when it comes to Thai music. No wonder it is known as the biggest company in Thai music industry :))) Well there are so many good songs that I can hardly decide which is the best. But maybe there is one that impressed me the most, it is “Please” by Atom Chanagun. Not talking about the melody, the lyrics were so blue :'( It made my heart broken and I was about to cry along every sentence. The man loves the woman so much that no word will be able to describe that feeling. And especially thank you Tahmnong for spending your precious time translating for us. Thank you so much :)))))) Rak pee tee suk ka <3

  12. I like the collections of songs they picked. I’m familiar with Jannina, Atom Chanagun, and Earth Pattarawee’s songs. “Sky & Sea” and “Please” are one of those chilled songs, just to relax to. They’re slow paced, and slow beat, and I like those types of music. Contrasting to those two in sound is “ชักดิ้นชักงอ”, which I listen to with my “Pop Music” playlist. It’s more of an upbeat song, and it’s catchy.
    I have yet to listen to the other songs included on the CD though. I was quite surprised that the album didn’t include the song “อย่าเปลี่ยนไป” by Rose Sirinthip and Tol Vonthongchai. It was pretty popular, not as popular as the rest, but I liked it. It was catchy, and had a nice melody. I would have added that song to the GMM collection.
    It’s awesome that you’re collaborating with EThaiCD.com for the giveaway! Thanks Tahmnong for another giveaway.

  13. I love อยากเป็นคนสำคัญของเธอ thiisut, because it is narak maak! The music video is also narak! I am going to learn to sing it and if I win it I will sing for you. 555

  14. My favorite song of the year is def The Mousses – Jep Tee Dtong Roo cos it gets an A Grade in the typical emo thai rock category (The girls that always leave these guys :p)

    Good to see Labanoon break the charts and Bodyslam still going strong.

    The CD List pretty much sums up the most popular songs of the year but one band I would have loved to see would be POLYCAT – มันเป็นใคร as these guys make great music and are slowly getting the recognition they deserve.

    Having said that it is weird not seeing the Musketeers, Zeal, Muzu make the CD as they have been pulling out hits after hits these few years.

    Oh and because I like to be mean the worst song on the CD is Getsunova and Yellow Fang that song just doesn’t work and totally not with Getsunova’s usual Emo sound.

    Once again thanks a million for the translations Tahmnong! Good to see the site up and running and with some improvements over these few years, I know all the hard work and time you put in and appreciate it with all my heart.

    Hope the site is now making you some decent pocket money, the record labels have no idea how lucky they are to have you help them spread Thai music to the world

  15. I didn’t start following GMM’s music until back in late 2014, so I am still kind of a newbie. 2015 was the first full year that I had been a fan of them and following up on them. I must say, this collection is very good, as GMM has alot of different artists and different genres for all fans to listen to. I agree with the collection as is. I don’t know of any songs that it would be missing, to be honest. I wish they could have had a Yinglee song on there, as she is one of my favorite singers, but she didn’t release a song in 2015 as far as I know 🙁 I think all of the songs deserved to make the cut, because none of them are bad songs, and they are all probably popular in Thailand and have alot of video views. My favorite song of 2015 from GMM would have to be one off of 25 Hours’s album, as they are the first Thai band I ever heard that actually played instruments. I think out of those, “Gravity” by 25 Hours is the my favorite, because lyrically it reminds me of one of my favorite English rock songs called Satellite. Even though those songs aren’t about the same thing in actuality, the meaning I personally got from Gravity reminds me of it.

    • Didn’t release a song in 2015??? Yinglee released an entire album with several singles that blew her first one out of the water! 😀 I reviewed it on here~
      But perhaps this collection was only modern music artists

      • Yinglee did release songs in 2015?! Oh, why did it take so long for me to know? I haven’t seen any new music videos of hers or anything or heard any news of her since 2014, so I figured she was on haitus for 2015 or something. Well, she should have been on this comp, then. But, thanks for letting me know 🙂 I will check out her new music now.

  16. This year list is good since most of my fav songs are on this album. The ones i hope that should be in it are ปล่อยมือฉัน – NUM KALA, สิ่งของ – KLEAR and เธอเก่ง(Still) – Jetset’er. Hopefully the later two will be included in 2016 compilation.

    My fav songs in this album are ทิ้งไว้กลางทาง – POTATO and คู่ชีวิต – Cocktail.

  17. Simply comment below and tell me what you think of this collection; do you agree? Any songs you would have added to it? Any you feel didn’t deserve to make the cut? What was your favorite song of 2015?
    I love and totally agree with this collection of songs! The only song I would add in is definitely ปล่อยมือฉัน – NUM KALA. Every one of the songs that made it in definitely deserved it! My favorite song of 2015 is ปล่อยมือฉัน – NUM KALA because to me, it has such a catchy beat.

  18. I wish they wouldn’t sing about kwaam rak, kit theung all the time.how about some songs about the state of the country, the world, the environment or just simply about how disgusted one feel about all this singing that practically put their targets of affection on the pedestal and how they are not worthy of their love in return. there are much more other issues in the world at stake here but it seems like all they care about is love, loss and longing.

  19. In love with this collection! Grammy definitely didn’t make any mistakes this year.

    At first, I was confused on why AB Normal’s ‘Tung Tee Pit Gor Yung Ruk’ didn’t make the cut, but I looked at the list again and found it. I would have needed to talk to Grammy if they didn’t add this song in the list. Haha! Just kidding! I just seriously love this song because I personally feel that many people can relate to this kind of love. The lyrics just speak to me.

    For songs I believe that shouldn’t have made the cut, I think all the songs fit this list. Although I’m not a big fan of Gypso’s song, I still think it deserves to be in this list. She got a lot of recognition in 2015.

    As for the pikachu, I’m kind of bummed that he’s not included. Haha! He’s too cute!

    Anyways, I really do appreciate your effort to continue and run this website. Thank you very much for your translations. Have a nice day ka!

  20. Did you draw the winners already? I didn’t see it on your Facebook and you also haven’t put on here that the contest is closed.

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