3 comments on ““คนที่ไม่คู่ควร (Kon Tee Mai Koo Kuan)” by Gun Napat

  1. Sawadee
    I have some questions and hope you might be able to help answer.
    I came across this song on youtube. It was labelled as “[OPV] คนที่ไม่คู่ควร | ก้องภพอาทิตย์ Sotus S” but I don’t remember hearing this song while watching SOtus S. Was it actually used in Sotus S?
    And from the official music video above, I see the song was used for a different series. I recognise the male lead Push Puttichai. Could you tell me the title of that series?

    I started watching Thai series a few months ago and haven’t stopped watching since. Haha.

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