2 comments on ““ชีวิตดี๊ดี (Very Well)” by Waii ft. Timethai

  1. Just watched the MV. Of course, their translation’s a bit off. The song aint so bad, but it took me a while to get used to her voice on this one. But, that dance was awkward and there was awkward shots in the MV. Not much was accomplished in it either; they built up the hype up way too much for it. That outfit she wears when she is with Timethai, is that a Thai traditional garment?

    • I’m actually embarrassed to say how much I really like this song hahaha~
      As for the music video, I don’t hate it, and I do want to love it, but it seems to be lacking something, though I can’t put my finger on exactly what. Perhaps, like you said, it was just over-hyped and couldn’t live up to the expectation haha. I agree that it would have been stronger with at least some essence of a storyline, or stronger, more coherent choreography.
      But yes, that’s traditional Thai dress she wears in the middle 🙂

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