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  1. #1. I like Koo Gam (Ill fated lover) ver. 2013 so much because that’s the first lakorn I watched that could made me cried hard. Even though the story is so sad till could slice my heart into pieces I’m still love and starving this lakorn.

    #2. I like both of the calendars but I prefer channel 3 calendar

  2. Hi!!
    My favorite lakorn of all time is Manee Yard Fah. I was about ten years old when I watched it for the first time with my mom. This is the lakorn that got me hooked on watching lakorns. It brings back good childhood memories of my mom and I rewatching it over and over again. Whenever we watch it we snack hardcore and forget to cook for our fam (oops!), and because of it we can even come up with good conversations.We ususally watched it dubbed in my language, Hmong, which makes it really fun to watch. I tend to watched the subbed in english alone. Also I love the soundtrack, it made me realize how important music is in any movie/drama because it brings out the plot and sets the mood, that’s what makes them unique.

    I prefer the Ch.3 calendar, because of Anne Thongprasom =)

  3. My favorite lakorn of all time would have to be “Oum Rak” with Anne Thongprasom and Ken Theeradeth. I loved everything about this lakorn: entire cast, plot, scenery (there were a few beautiful places outside of the bustling city), script, and wardrobe. I find “Oum Rak” different from other lakorns in that it isn’t dramatic and just perfect, not too much of anything or too less of anything. There were perfect sweet scenes between the leads, perfect bickering scenes, perfect comedic scenes, etc. This lakorn made me fall in love with Anne and Ken because they delivered their roles so perfectly that it’s hard to imagine anyone else portray the characters, ‘Napat’ and ‘Rachen’. The best thing about this lakorn, however, is how the leads developed along the way, which contributed to their explosive chemistry and perfect relationship.
    As for calendar preference, I’d have to go with CH3 because I love how they depict how far the channel has come along. I love how they have veteran actors and actresses and the new generation. CH3 just screams fun with class. I like that.

  4. I really like Suparburoot Jutathep series because of the 50’s theme and the love story of the five brothers are so great! Their acting is good that I can seem to feel how deep they love each other. You can see it on their expression.

    For the calendar, I like the channel 3 one because I know almost all their artist. Most of the lakorn I’ve seen so far are from their channel.

  5. I like songs from Khun Got Jakrapun and especially the love songs.

    Appreciate both calendar will do.Thks.

  6. 1. My favourite all time lakorn is Kuan Kaan Thong Gup Kang Por Plaa Lai (Spinsters vs Casanovas) from Ch 3. Because it is funny, it suits for the whole family to watch and also it wants me to watch this lakorn again and again. Plus I like Benz and Un.
    2. As for the calendars I would prefer both:).

  7. Hi Tahmnong,

    #1. I don’t have a « favorite lakorn of the time », because, I always find that some part are boring when I rematch them. But I had a crush lately on Samee Tee Tra (2014). I enjoyed the sypnosis (especially the beginning). The girl, Karat (played by Ploy) is a bratty rich woman who had already been married many times, whereas the guy, Pisut (played by Pope) is a newbie x’) So when she discover that she have feelings for him, she will go straightforward to him. And she’s not embarrassed when they have couple moment in front of people. P.S. : Pope serious face with his « rabbit tooth » is funny x’) Therefore each time he smiles, i will smile too.
    Hope you didn’t watch this lakorn already and want to try a modern romance to kill time. 🙂

    #2. I would prefer Ch3’s calendar :$

    Enjoy your day 😉

  8. #1. What’s your favorite lakorn of all time and why? I really enjoyed Rang Pratana (2013) that was the first Thai Lakorn I watched english subtitled on youtube. And I loved it. Mostly because Kimberly Voltemas looked outstanding so much better than all the South Korean Actresses. Well Hormones are not lakorn but I also enjoy watching them as GTH is providing English subtitle every friday on youtube. I simply love Thai Lakorn because the stories are just too sweet.
    #2. Which calendar would you prefer? (or both?)
    I would like the Channel 3 version.

    Thank you for your English subtitles all the time. All list i could try to sing along to Thai songs.

  9. Hiii!
    My favorite lakorn to watch at all times is Buang, starring Rome Patchat (I forgot … Lol) & Sririta Jensen. I love the chemistry between them two. The storyline was amazing. This lankorn was the first actual lakorn that made me cry and feel all the emotions coming from both characters. It somehow connect with my life with the part that the main actor was under black magic to love the bad girl and sririta have to use her baby as the reason for Rome to come back. Buang is a really good lakorn especially with the theme song about moms and love. There’s just so much go say about this drama!!!@
    #2 I have to say Channel 3 because of Mario and Boy Pakorn. I love Channel 7 too but Channel 3 Is the best with mario new drama with Mint

  10. Hello!
    #1. My favorite lakorn of all time is Thong Neung Gao with Noon Woranuch because the storyline teaches about moral, and it’s different from a typical slap/kiss lakorn. Also, Noon played as Lam Yong very well.

    #2. I prefer Ch. 3 calendar, thank you!

  11. Hello 🙂
    1. My favorite lakorn of all times will be Jam Luey Ruk (2008) starring Aum and Aff. These two make a cute couple in the lakorn world. But of course they are both married now to different people. But..then, the theme of the story is great! If you have time check it out. It starts off with the pra’ek’s younger brother commiting suicide because his college girlfriend dumped him. The pra’ek was very angry and becamed very revengeful toward his brother’s girlfriend. One day he plan to kidnap the na’ek, who he have mistaken to be his brother’s girlfriend, to a faraway island. After many incident, he found out that she was not the girl who made his brother commit suicide and he fell in love with her. But because of all the badness he done to her, she began to grow hatred towards him when he finally let her go back home. It is a love, slap, kiss lakorn of all times.

    2. I prefer Ch.3. calendar because Mario and James Ma is my bias in Ch.3.
    Other recommendations: Mario and Mint’s new lakorn~ Two Spirit’s of Love is also a hit- drama that I would recommend others to watch. For something more touch of 1900’s watch Sapai Jao (2015). The comedy and romance is great in this one! <3
    *Thank you for your hardwork in translating all the thai mvs for this year! 🙂

  12. 1. My all time favorite lakorn is Kon Ruk Luang Jai starring Ken Theeradeth and Janie Tienphosuwan. I really like the plot and the acting of the Pra’ek and Nang’ek. The plot is unpredictable and they end the lakorn smoothly. Their wardrobe and make ups are super and lovable. Overall this lakorn serve a perfect pack of love story that’s not too much. 😀

    2. I prefer the Channel 3 calendar because it has all of my favorite Pra’ek 😀

  13. Of all the lakorn my favorite one would have to be Ka Badin with James Ma and Matt Peeranee. I doubted this pair a lot and was very unhappy that James was paired with Matt but boy was I wrong. The chemistry between them was so romantic that words can’t even describe it. James Ma as a new actor in the industry not for long prove in this lakorn that he can pull any type of lakorn. He did such a well job I fell in love with him. I for once wished for a man to care and love me like how he did for Matt in the lakorn. As for Matt, she did such an awesome job on her first period lakorn. She was so beautiful in Thai cloths that I became jealous of her beauty and wish I was Thai. Both actor and actress did such a tremendously great job that, I hope to see the pair again.

    I would like ch. 3 calendar as I have watch many of their lakorn. All my bais are in channel 3 and not to say they are also my mom’s favorite! Both of us are a huge fan of channel 3.

  14. My favorite lakorn of all time has to be Roy Lae Sanae Luang 2013, starring Mai Davika and Weir Sukollowat. Roy Lae Sanae Luang 2013 was, like, the best lakorn everrr — in my opinion! I love Davika’s character so much because she played as a strong and independent female lead character. I like Weir’s character as well even though I am not a fan of him. I don’t know how to explained his character. It’s like mean, nice, romance, and selfish. I wouldn’t mind watching the lakorn over again.

    In general, I like to spice up my lakorn with revenge, romance, jealousy, love triangle and “rawr” scene(s). Any Thai dramas with strong heroines/leads are the best!!!

    I prefer the Ch.3 calendar because most of my daras are featured on it *-* //fan girl

  15. Hello! 🙂

    1. My favorite lakorn of all time would have to be Tae Pang Korn (The Past Life) starring Anne Thongprasom and Num Sornram. It’s nothing recent, but it’s still holds the number one spot in my heart. If anyone is looking for a heartbreaking dramatic love story, I would 100% recommend it.
    As a little summary, I will just say that this lakorn is about a tormenting love that follows a couple through three different lifetimes. Three different time periods. In the beginning, the lakorn starts off with both Anne and Num “living” their second life. Anne was a young teacher at an elementary school near an old palace. Num was a ghost waiting at the palace for his bride, Nang Noi, the woman he never had the chance to marry. Nang Noi was brutally murdered right before the wedding. No one ever knew who murdered her.
    When Anne meets this ghost, she immediately feels this connection with him. The ghost tells Anne all these stories about his bride and how she was like. Anne eventually discovers a painting of Nang Noi and realizes she looks just like her. Anne was very intrigued by this unsolved mystery and is determined to find the murder of this cruel death.

    I usually don’t like lakorns with ghost, but this story doesn’t surrounds ghosts. It surrounds the idea of Anne trying to learn about her past life and deal with the fact that she may be falling in love with someone that is not alive. There were many emotional scenes that both actors deliver very well and I can feel every bit of their pain.
    I personally feel like that the newer lakorns don’t portray much emotions anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch the newer ones, but I have never cried for a lakorn like I did for Tae Pang Korn. The chemistry between the two actors was unreal and I would really love to see these two together again.

    2. I am a big CH3 fan. If I am selected, I would love to own a CH3 calendar. My favorites are all on there.

    P.S. If you’d like to check out this lakorn, here is the link to the full summary and cast list:

    Hope you’re interested 🙂

  16. #1 My favorite lakorn is Buang (Rome & Rita) because it was the first Thai lakorn that I’ve ever watched (recommended by my mom), before that I only watch American series. I was so in love with Rome and Rita, and also the storyline of Buang. I also cried everytime when Rita’s character cried because I felt so bad for what her character is going through and went through in the past life, plus those black magic that were breaking Rome and her apart. I, then, wanted to discover more of the world of Thai lakorns, which I got so addicted to it. I started to watch a lot of lakorns since I feel like Thai lakorns are better than any other country’s series. I am so thankful that I watched Buang, because now, I know more about the world of Thai lakorns. While watching all those other Thai lakorns, I met my foreverly koo-jin, Nadech and Yaya. I’m sooooo strongly and foreverly going to love and support them forever.

    #2 I prefer channel 3’s calendar because I’m more familiar with CH3’s daras. And most of the lakorns that I’ve watched are from CH3 because for some reasons, watching another channel makes me feel like I’m very far from all my bias in CH3.

  17. (1) My favorite lakorn is Pin Anong, because the chemistry between Khun Yai and Pin Anong is real. They do real kisses unlike a lot of other lakorns. Pin Anong has the perfect story line.
    (2). If there was ch7, I would prefer them, but since there is just ch3 and ch8, I would prefer ch3, because I know a lot of people there. I would also like to have ch8 too, if there is no choice.

  18. Hello! I would have to say my favorite lakorn of all time is Sawan Biang 2008, Ken and Anne both did great jobs delivering their characters feelings. All the heart aches and jealousy, I’m not usually into drama because I hate when it gets too draggy. But in this lakorn it was fast pace and the only mean person was Narin’s sister who doesn’t dominate much of the screen time. I’m happy that this drama didn’t have non understanding people. Even Leela, the mean girl turned to love again and tried to find some happiness. All the events in this lakorn was amazing and the whole lakorn tied in together very well. Ken was amazing, his tears, anger (considering this is his first bad boy role), face expressions. All the acting in this lakorn was amazingly delivered and the plot was also very good. It made us hate Ken but also love him so much. And with Ann we had sympathy for, but was hurt every time he hurted Ken. LoL typing this makes me want to rewatch it. The calendar I would like is the Channel 3 calendar, I love channel 3 and I ship many couples on that calendar. 🙂 Thank you!

  19. #1 My Favorite lakorn right now is Two Spriit Love, Song Hau Jai Nee Puer Tur, this lakorn is very romantic, has bits of comedy, actions, and supernatural power! But it’s really really good. Mint Chalida and Mario Mauere starred in this lakorn. They both have a very strong chemistry from beginning until the end of the lakorn. The ending omg, you’ll never gonna regret watching it. You might end up fangirling like me. So give it a try, I recommended you to watch Two Spirit Love.

    #2 I would like to have the Channel 3 calendar, they have all my favorite actors and actresses, especially Mint Chalida and Mario Maurere ^.^

    Thank you 🙂

    This is their picture together, check them out. You will fall in love with them 🙂


  20. Oh gosh, where do I start. I have so many favorites but if I were to choose one lakorn, it would have to be Kha Badin starring James Ma & Matt Peeranee. When I first saw pictures of them two, I thought Matt looked a little older than James so I was kind of upset. But really, when I started watching the lakorn, it got me hooked soooo much!!! The chemistry between Matt & James was great along with the acting as well, especially from a new actor like James. I loved the story line as well & I can rewatch it multiple times without getting tired of it.

    I would love to have the channel 3 calendar because they have most of my favorite actors and actresses.

    Thank you!

  21. Hi! I have only gotten into lakorn recently (about earlier this year), so I only know a few, most of which are recent. My favorite one is The Ugly Duckling Series Part 1: Perfect Match. I like all of the Ugly Duckling series, because I like the lesson it teaches, much like the children’s book about the ugly duckling did. However, Part 1 is my favorite because it is the most relatable to me. I’m 23, and despite the common myth that “acne only happens to teenagers”, I have it at my age…terribly. And, no matter what I try, it doesn’t really help. Sometimes, I will be fine, and at others I get monsterous flare ups. As a teen, I didn’t even have acne, so it came as a surprise to me when I got it.

    I felt like it turned my whole world upside down, just like it did for Worranit Thawornwongs’s character, Junior, in the series. It affected her social life alot, and I felt like mine did that to me, too. I had lost alot of confidence like Junior did in the series. But, despite my fear of possibly being denied by any new people I meet because of how I look when I get my flare ups, I still pushed on and tried to be social. And because I became brave and put myself out there, so to speak, I was able to meet my new, current, and recent girlfriend. I have also made friends, too, who like me for who I am and not how I look. That’s exactly what happened to Junior! She moved to a new school and city and despite the challenges she faced at first, she ended up meeting friends who like her as a person, unlike her old ones. She is also well liked by her classmates, too, and also found love.

    Even though the character of Junior was a rich, popular girl in Thailand, and I am just a regular, middle-class woman in America, I feel like she is me, in a sense. It’s like, everything that happened to her in Perfect Match, happened to me, but in a different environment and in a different way. This series also taught me that no matter where someone comes from, or what their life story is, everyone can have struggles and have problems with self-confidence. I learned that no matter your status, a person is a person, and all people can relate to each other in some way. I also learned that a real friend or lover who cares for you will look beyond appearances, and the world isn’t half as shallow as I used to think it was when it came to looks.

    I feel like this series was therapeutic for me, and I’m so glad that I had the chance to discover it ans watch it. Most people want television to be an escape, and the last thing they want is to see a show with a person like them in it. For me, it’s the opposite. I’m glad that I saw myself so much in this character, because it has helped me so much, that I could not even begin to describe. Now, I feel like I can do anything!

    And, I would like the channel 8 calendar, please, if I win (gonna surprise the previously mentioned gf with it, if I can) 🙂 🙂

  22. (1) My favorite lakorn is Game Rai Game ruk, because the chemistry between yaya urassaya and Nadech Kugimiya is like a a true story that people would read and watch over and over never get over at all. this story line.is it so nice and i love the story line is it sad that why i would watch this movie over and over never get tired of watching it. I also love the song themes too is it nice and this song is sad love it lots.

    (2). I prefer both of calendar Please, I want both them! omg excised 😉

  23. #1. What’s your favorite lakorn of all time and why?
    I actually really enjoyed Love Organic with Faye, Arm and Koen! I love them a lot and the plot was very relatable to me. I always love to see a spoiled character become more down to earth. It definitely makes me feel more sensitive toward people that are better off than me. I also love prideful characters, since I am the same.
    #2. Which calendar would you prefer? (or both?)
    Channel 8! I love 3.2.1 and I never got a chance to get their goods before their… “issues”. Poppy was my favorite, so I am glad to see her anywhere.

  24. Hello. I would have to say Bundai Dok Ruk is my all time favorite because I always find myself watching it. Why? Because it’s with Min Peechaya and Om Akapan and I think they make a cute couple. A bonus is Om playing as twins, which is even better.

    I’d like the Ch. 3 calendar :)))

    Thank you!

  25. 1. I believe that any good lakorn always has many elements that helps to contribute to its success as one. These elements include a creative storyline, memorable characters, a well coordinated cast and of course, a catchy and complementing soundtrack! For me, a lakorn that satisfies the above criteria, is none other than my recently discovered all time favourite- นางสาวทองสร้อย (Nang Sao Thongsoi), the 2015 remake produced by MasterOne Productions, starring Por Thrisadee and Ja Jittapa.This is one that I would strongly recommend to you for its eccentric characters, creative plot twists and hidden secrets! I also love the OST as the melodies and vocals complements the mood and atmosphere of the drama exceptionally well. It is a light-hearted drama with comedy that makes it easy to watch.

    2. I would be happy to win any calendar, but if I really had to choose one over another, I would have to go for the CH3 calendar since I am most familiar with the actors/ actresses and lakorns from Ch3.

    Thank you 🙂

  26. 1. I am from Malaysia. I watch Thai lakorn since 2013 and till now I’ve been watching quite a number of Thai lakorn. So far I like Cubic by Bomb Tanin & Mint Chalida, Nang Rai Summer by First Ekkaphong & Namfon Patcharin. And I just finished watching Nang Rai Tee Ruk by Boy Pakorn & Kimberley. I love them!

    2. I hope to get Calendar CH 3, just that only, I will be happy enough. I like most of the artists from CH 3 such as, Mark Prin, Kimberley, Yaya, First Ekkaphong, Bomb Tanin, Mint Chalida, Namfon Patcharin, Toey Jarinporn, Ken Phupoom, Bella Ranee, Mario Maurer, Noey Chotika and many more!!!

  27. What is lakorn? I just wanna say if i can have channel 8 calendar i would be so lucky because i love knomjean so much!!!

  28. 1) My favorite lakorn of all time is Kularb Rai Glai Ruk (Great & Matt) because I think those two were very cute on-screen in that lakorn, I fell in love with that couple. I like how Great hated Matt but he still worry about her, and I like how Matt is a spoil brat but got tamed by Great.

    2) I want CH3’s calendar

  29. Hi! Personally I love watching anything with Nadech and Yaya! If I like a couple, I would want them to collaborate more but people say it’s boring watching the same pair all the time. I love it!
    Since my favorite koo jin is in CH3, I would like a calendar from them. Thanks!

  30. Been a fan of Thai songs for ages and the nice songs always originate from lakorn. My fav actress is Cherman and so my vote would go to her latest lakorn “samee tee tra”.
    I’m happy with getting either calendar. Thanks!

  31. #1 my favorite lakorn is wai rai high school (also known as wai rai freshy). my favrotie actress aon luckkana and nathalie davies are in it. it shows about teenage life in high school and makes me think of my time when i waz younger.

    #2 i prefer canalnder channel 8

  32. Basicly I love Mario Maurer, so I just watched Mario’s lakorn. Lakorn that I love the most is his newest one Two Spirits’ Love. And because of that lakorn now I start loving Mint Chalida too. Soon, I’m gonna watch Mint’s lakorn too. I want CH3 calendar so much lol
    I hope I can get one. Xoxo

  33. hi….
    basically, i love lakorns, so, any lakorns will do, especially if Grate Warintorn is in there..
    favourite lakorns:
    1. Suparbburuth Jutathep..i love all the 5 series..it describes how honour is very important. besides, the siblings are so cute. plus, Grate Warintorn acts as Pee Chai Yai
    2. Lorm sorn Ruk..i love the chemistry between Nadech Kugimiya and Taew Nataporn..it is very refreshing to watch another Koo Gin, apart from Nadech and Yaya
    3. Roy Lae Sanae Rai 2015..of course, it is the remake version of Tik Jesdaporn and Aum..maybe, u can give it a try
    of course, there are a lot more lakorns that i want to recommend here, but not enough space…loll
    and of course, u will tired of reading this comments
    if i can choose, of course, i would prefer CH3 calendar, because most of my watched lakorns are from CH3..but, both would do
    thank you

  34. Hii!! Mark and Anne > Peter because they are all so good lookin and cute. I really love watching their other lakorns on channel 3 and 8 and i also feel like they are one great cast in Ab ruk online =D
    the calander that i would prefer would be…both because i love all the actors and actresses inlcuding the lakorns in channel 3 and channel 8.

  35. #1. It’s hard to choose just one lakorn, but I’d have to pick Borisut Bumbut Kaen with Anne Thongprasom and Aum Atichart. This lakorn was full of craziness and decpetions left and right! The entertainment industry’s Jao Ying showed her full acting potential as mental Nongchanai from having believable seizures to scarily eating flowers while crying silently. Aum’s acting didn’t lose to Anne’s either, it matched directly. Aum’s, Taywan role, was as extreme and mental as Ann’s. Along the lines of intense drama and extreme suffering, their glimmer of hope was the love that kept them sane. It’s a very intense lakorn and I don’t think anybody could act to such extremes like Anne and Aum did.
    Oh and if you’d like some lakorn suggestions, I’d suggest: Sud Sai Paan (2013) w/ Toomtam and Vill, Bang Rajan (2015) with 4 really ZAAP! couples, and Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong w/ Ken Theeradeth and Janie.

    #2. I would prefer the Ch.3 calendar please! I love Ch.3 lakorns and all my first actors and actresses and biases are in there: Anne Thongprasom, Ken Theeradeth, Aum Atichart, James Ma and Nadech Kugimiya!

  36. 1. Paen Rai Phai Rak with Film Rattapoom and Matt Peeranee was a very good rom-com lakorn. Film Rattapoom is always funny with his ad-libs and Matt was sexy and hilarious in here. I started to favor Matt more from this lakorn. Oh and the supporting cast was awesome too! Esther Supreeleela and Got Jirayu was just as funny as the main and poor Sinee fell for Captain Phit who only wanted to get revenge. OMG and the plus bonus is we get to see Lek Theeradet play a super shy and generous pig doctor, Mor Prin!

    2. I want Ch.3’s calendar. Grew up watching lakorns from Ch.3. Old generation with new generation, that’s one awesome calendar.

  37. 1. Two Spirits Love – I love the chemistry going on between Mint and Mario, wish they were a real couple hahaha. ABSOLUTELY LOVE their corny cute scenes that make your skin cringe but in a good way !! hahaha. Loved the ending especially because it included them having a family, which I absolutely love when this happens in lakorns. I LOVE the close up they have on Mario….because his eyes are just so beautiful and hypnotising <3
    This lakorn has literally got my 100% attention with the amazing cast and the storyline of the past to the present. It showed that real love does exist and the loyalty of your best friend, as in this case the servant Matt.
    BASICALLY loved everything about this lakorn including the funny ghost parts hahah and definitely would go in my Top 10 watched lakorns

    —I watched Atichart and Myria's wedding video the other night and just noticed that their wedding venue was the same as the one in this lakorn!!!! <'3333—

    2. Love them both obviously!!!! hahah but if i were to choose one….. definitely channel 3 (:

    Thanks! x

  38. **My Favourite Lakorn will be “HORMONES” . Reason i love this story its let me recall my school life . Also there was lots of character and lots of story inside .

    ** I Love both channel 8 and 3 ….Khob khun krub….

  39. Hello/ Sawatdikaa,

    I’m Zoey and i’m from Singapore. I’ve been watch lakorn for 2-3 years now and my current favourite lakorn is Suparburoot Jutathep (even though it’s released quite awhile ago). It’s because this lakorn captures the dream guy that every girl wants. The dramatic and lovely scenes portraited by all the pra-ek and nang-ek are just perfect. This lakorn made me laughed and cried, it’s like being on a rollercoaster. I didn’t expect myself to get so obsessed with this lakorn because i always thought i liked the modern lakorn more. But i was wrong, i love all lakorn hahaha! And lastly, the theme song. I can’t stop playing it everyday. I would come to this site, to read the lyrics and make sure i memorize them too hahaha (thank you so much for translating the lyrics, i really appreciate it!)

    I would prefer this CH3 calendar. I’m a CH3 fan! <3

  40. 1. Khun Chai Ronnapee is my favorite lakorn, because I love seeing Mint and Jamesma together. The whole drama is completely interesting.
    2. I prefer ch3 calendar.

  41. I liked Ruk Sutrit; I enjoyed it! It was catchy and James was adorable. I didn’t think he would be so cute in that Lakorn but he did steal my heart for a sec. Haha! I don’t watch many Lakorns but this is one of my favorite; I’m a dreamer and so it caught me!
    I would love to have the calendar Channel 3 with Mario, Nadech, and Mark! They’re handsome! HAHA!
    It’s a mere chance of getting this calendar but you never know without trying!
    Best of luck to me lol!

  42. One of my all time lakorn is Soo Fun Nirun Don, starring Chatchai and Mew. Yes, these two actors are old, however, they played their part fairly well. I do not believe any of the younger actors/actresses would have portrayed the two characters as well as Chatchai and Mew. I find this lakorn to be loving and sad. It depicted a love story that was sad to the heart. It depicted how someone so in love was willing to search and wait. The heartbreak of being apart for Nang’Ek and Pra’Ek was well portrayed. I recommend this lakorn, if you are looking for romantic, maybe melo, and “past and present” concept.

    It would be great to have the CH. 3 calendar, however I do watch some lakorn from CH. 8. Therefore, I do not have preference.

  43. What’s your favorite lakorn of all time and why? (I’m always looking for suggestions :D)

    Not sure if you have watched it but my fav. lakorn of all time would have to be Dao Kiang Duence starring Ken P. and Namtarn. People liked the first part of it (this drama is a sequel to Janie T and Aum’s lakorn) but I personal liked this one. I enjoy her character and the story line in general, not raeng nangrais and the second leads are very very cute, especially Phet Thakrit, his first debut to me. I think it’s a very cute drama but it depends on the person who watches it to judge.

    Which calendar would you prefer? (or both?)

    I’m prefer the CH.3 calendar jut because I’m more familiar with the channel and watched it mostly but CH.8 can work for me to because I want to get to know more of the people in the thai entertainment industry so a new calendar of new faces will work for me as well as my favorites from CH3.

  44. 1. Dok Ruk Rim Tang, starring Vill and Bie, is one of my favorite lakorn. The chemistry between the nek and pek was very funny ; I couldn’t stop laughing. Plus, there are two adorable talking dogs as well. Hahahah. Vill chopped her hair because she was chased by bad guys. She lied to Bie that she’s a man not a woman, so she can’t fall in love with him. They both had a lot of BROMANCE together throughout the lakorn. Bie starts to develop mixed feelings for Vill because he felt a strong connection whenever he was around her; however, he don’t want to be gay, hahaha. To prevent this from happening, he completely ignores Vill ; He stop caring her. Vill is heartbroken and confuse by his new personality and changes because Bie is the only person who understand her struggles, and she is falling for Bie, too. Sooner or later, Bie is going to find out the truth and love her even more. Vill doesn’t know that he found out about her secret. … etc…

    Ilt’s a must watch to find out why she chopped her hair, and why she lied to Bie.
    I love comedy-romance, mixed feelings, and gender bender lakorns.

    2. I prefer ch3 calendar because I know so many daras from ch3 🙂 . I don’t mind ch8 calendar because I just recently started watching some lakorns from ch8. It’s not that bad. There are a lot of newcomers and unfamiliar faces, but I’m glad that some of my favorite singers are acting in ch8 like Kaew from FFK.

  45. Hello Tahmnong! Thank you for throwing this giveaway~ You’re such a sweet person <3

    1. My favorite lakorn of all time? Yikes, I have a ton~~ but if I am to list one, it will have to be the 2008 remake version of Jam Loey Rak starring Umm Atichart and Aff Taksaorn. Why? It was a huge hit when it was airing with the storyline dealing with P'ek wanting revenge on N'ek due to a misunderstanding that he even kidnaps her into his own island and jungle. 555 Plus, I think the pra'nang look absolutely great together. P'ek Umm was a plus, since he was one of the first few "fit" p'ek to be onscreen. So in total, we have a lovely pra'nang, aggressive p'ek, an adorable monkey, and an island… 🙂 I just find this lakorn to be so memorable and I always catch myself re-watching it every once in awhile.

    I must say that the lakorns Lom Sorn Ruk, Raak Boon, Two Spirit Loves', Suparburoot Jutathep & 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao series are some of my newer favorites too with great diverse and fresh storylines. (You know where to find me if you want any rec. Tahmnong 555).

    2. I don't mind which calendar if I was picked, so both :).

  46. It’s really difficult for me to decice which lakorn is my favourite ’cause i have watched many film from CH3. Particularly, my all time favourite lakorn is ” Abb ruk online ” which played by P’Anne , P’Peter, P’Mark and P’Kim. It was a wonderful film since it quite close to my daily life with social application, daily situation that has happended around me .On top of that, P’Anne is always on the top of my list and obviously, she impressed me by her professional and emotional acting along Mr Peter. One more point is the couple Mark and Kim is so narak that everyone could love them. Anyway, Rak Boon, Roy fan tawan duerd and 4 huajai haeng koon kao are also my favourite lakorns.
    I’d so happy if i got a CH3 calendar from you guys.
    from Vietnam with many thanks for your beautiful song full of lyrics.

  47. 1) I haven’t watch many lakorns since it has been difficult to find with english subs, yet, by now one of my favorites and might be a huge cliche, it’s Hormones, not only because it can easily remind me to my school days but each character from Season 1 to Season 3 have a story behind it, some characters show probably small or even shallow problems like not being able to play an instrument good enough to big problems like domestic violence. I think as teenagers/young adults we can easily identify with this lakorn. We have all been there, we have all lived through our own problems and difficulties.

    2) If I were lucky enough to be choosen I would love to get Channel8 since Knomjean is one of my top favorite thai singers ♥ Same as for Mod 🙂

    My email should be linked to my G+ Account if not

    Thanks for always keeping us updated about thai entertainment and it’s beautiful translated lyrics ♥

  48. 1. My favorite lakorn is Sud Sai Paan with Toomtam and Vill. The chemistry between these two were very good and Toomtam looks hot as hell as a jealous Mom Luang. I also liked that it was a period lakorn and Vill’s first time at portraying twins was excellent.
    2. I want ch3 calendar please!

  49. I have so many favorite lakorn. But my favorite is ‘cupid’ with Bomb&mint and ‘two spirit love’with Mario&mint. Not only they are my favorites actor but the storyline to the movie touches my heart. I not only watch it once but several times and i love the song to the movie also. Im such a big fan to the lakorn industry that i also follow them on fb and my instagram. I really hope that i do win one of the calendar, i have seen it behind the seen photo shooting of it and it looks awesome.

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