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  1. They ended up providing English subs like a day after the MV came out, and I’ll tell you what…your subs are way better. The ones they have posted don’t make much sense. Is this supposed to be like a commentary on modern society? And, is one of them (maybe two of them) of another ethnicity?

    • Hahaha, I knowww, it makes me cringe. But they delete my Youtube comments every time I try to offer suggestions for better translations, so I guess they don’t want it to be comprehensible. My friend says the Vietnamese subs make sense in Vietnamese, but are pretty off from the actual translation too. Not sure what the deal is with Halo. And I have no idea what the purpose of this song is. Are they saying all Thais are sheep that just flock around new things? So what does that say about people that like them? Are they calling themselves a fad and their fans sheep? Or saying they’re the next big thing so everyone should flock around them?

      I know Taton is half black~ 🙂 I’m curious about Ginnii too. She looks a little like me so I wonder if she could be half latina too xD

      • Lol, I’m pretty sure the purpose wasn’t to call people (their fans, anyway) sheep. Lol, that’s just bad for business XD Lol, maybe it’s just the songwriters trying to be all “deep” and try and mock the current trends and how alot of people are trend-crazy in the digital age. Which is weird, considering this is a mainstream music label lol. Unless their trying to appeal to a more “noncomformist” crowd of young people with a “Hey, we’re not all mainstream and trendy, we’re cool and unique, like you” mentality. Yeah, I figured Taton was half-black or possibly (I wasn’t sure) a black foreigner. She’s really nice, too. The gf tweeted her good look on debut a few days prior and Taton tweeted back. Yeah, Ginnii makes me curious, too. For some reason, the one named NeNe is real popular in the comments section of the vids. Do you know why? And is this pop music, or is this another genre, too? Cuz something about it seems different… And, I dunno who Halo doesn’t want your help, considering how GMM usually seems like they want good translations, since they have the “GMM International” youtube channel with good English subs

        • Haha, oh, I’m sure that wasn’t the explicit intention. I’m sure it was a clumsy attempt at a social commentary. But thing is, they never seem to criticize it in the song. They don’t say people should try to think for themselves or that they themselves are different. They literally say “It’s Thai way to crowd around a trend, so here we go, let’s crowd around~” Which I guess could be an attempt at being sarcastic and ironic, but when you don’t make it clear, that sarcasm can get lost. But considering the backlash and necessity for press conferences to clarify lyrics of WAii and 3.2.1, I guess they haven’t changed haha. To me it just sounds like the girls are calling themselves the next big thing and calling everyone to gather ’round them and start sharing their stuff. Which seems a little pretentious for a debut. Maybe for a comeback single this wouldn’t be bad, but I’d have debuted them with something more stable and appealing to get their feet planted first.

          I honestly think this is Halo’s big chance to make an impression on Grammy and prove that they can “roll with the big dogs” (cause GMM’s pretty ruthless, and if you’re not making money, you get pushed to the wayside and ignored), so they’re trying their best. It’s interesting monitoring the Youtube page, because negative comments/criticisms all seem to get deleted relatively quickly haha. A lot of people are complaining about the lyrics, about Grammy succumbing to the sinking ship that RS just managed to pull itself out of, and a lot of Candy Mafia fans are angry that Bambam quit for this and are unimpressed.

          All the girls are established artists, though, so perhaps they’re counting on that to kickstart the group. Nene was a contestant (winner? I can’t keep up with singing shows.) of some season of Academy Fantasia, so I guess she still has a strong fanbase following her here. She definitely does have the strongest voice of all of them~

          As for the genre, I guess this is pop or hip-pop?

          • Other than Bambam, I had never heard of the others before, haha. But, I not from Thailand, so probably explains it! XD I wasn’t sure if this song was trying to be Lookthung or not, because at one point, they get all squeaky and throw their voices around just like the Rsiam modern “Lookthung” girls do, and I was like “What is this? Isn’t this more of an RS thing?” But, what is Halo, though? Is it like supposed to be GMM’s more “edgier” sublabel or something? And what is this “sinking ship” per se?

            • I feel like they were casting the net out a little too far, trying to encompass several genres in order to make the group stand out, and to counter the “Looks too Kpop!!!” comments with “but hey, it’s got a look-toongy bridge! Huh? Huh?” haha. But yeah, apparently the Halo production team is the old Kamikaze team whom RS “let go” (fired? tee hee). Now the new Kamikaze team is doing great, ratings are soaring, and Youtube stats indicate that, for the first time in like a decade, a substantial number of viewers over the age of 16 are watching Kamikaze MVs, so it’s appealing to a wider variety of audience now. So I can’t imagine how much face the old team is losing right now seeing how well the new KZ production team is doing xD Hence the “sinking ship” Grammy just took on haha, and how quickly Halo seems to be trying to promote and peacock as much as possible and hide any dissent in Youtube/Facebook comments. As far as I know, Halo is just some indie record label that GMM took on as distributor, but whether or not the label will continue to act under GMM will depend on how well they can prove themselves~

              • Oh really? Kamikaze is going better now? I didn’t know? Probably because they didn’t make many MVs this year. I heard all of the Kamikaze people that moved to Yes! are doing well (not too sure how true it is). “…A substantial number of viewers over the age of 16 are watching Kamikaze MVs” Lol. *points to self and the gf* Idk, though, I feel like the very end of last year, like winter (maybe late fall) kind of helped turned it around for them, too, because I noticed that that was when alot of foreign women were talking about KZ, between 17 and 24 at the time. Dogfather was the name of that poduction team, but now that they are part of Halo, I think they go by Underdog?? I have no idea. It’s ironic, seeing how Dogfather/Underdog/whoever they ever are are doing so shitty, because most foreigners I know always raved about them saying good stuff and I always thought it was kinda funny when the foreign people did that.

                • Yeah, they’re actually producing quality stuff and not just shotgun-blasting out as much crap as they can to see what sticks now~ The music videos and singles are actually being funded, so they don’t need to rely on blatant advertising sponsorship and product placement haha, and the lyrics are a hundred times better 😀
                  The old KZ kids who moved to Yes Music aren’t charting at all, but I guess they still have their core fanbase, and most of them definitely sound better, especially FFK. I don’t know about any specific foreign women talking about Kamikaze, but I’m so surprised all of the Kamikaze fans I thought I had reading my blog seem to have disappeared, and absolutely no one is interested in the Channel 8 former-Kamikaze-kids calendars for my giveaway xD How quickly the tides changed haha. Though a lot of the Kamikaze fans I did know said they really liked the songs for the beat/sound, but that the translations/music videos ruined a lot of them haha, so maybe they’ve moved on to the new KZ generation

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