8 comments on ““Show Me Please” by Neko Jump

  1. Lol, I knew from the name of this song, it’d be about sex. I heard the MV is being delayed by two months because the twins did something illegal or something? Did you hear about it?

    • Yeah, it makes sense. The girls were involved in illegal advertising, wouldn’t want the MV coming out and seeming like it’s involved in the advertising too haha

        • Well, you know how in America it’s illegal to advertise cigarettes? In Thailand it’s illegal for a celebrity (or maybe just person in general?) to advertise alcohol. They posted pictures of themselves posing with bottles of alcohol, label -side front, on their social media, so they, along with five or six other celebs, just got charged and there’s an investigation to see if there was any coercion or compensation from the alcohol companies

          • Whoa, I didn’t know that. But, tbh Green on Kamikaze posted a whisky bottle he gave to Pide on IG, and they’re not in trouble. It was in a bag or something, but you could still see the label (including brand name) on the neck of the bottle. What’s the difference in that case?

            • Was he in the picture? The whole thing is you can’t use people to promote it, like posing provocatively and being like, you’ll be cool/sexy/gey lots of girls/have lots of fun if you drink this.
              Are the new Kamikaze kids old enough to be drinking alcohol? I thought they were teenagers

              • No, they weren’t, so I guess that makes it different. Uh, IDK the drinking age in Thailand (in USA it’s 21) but some of them don’t count as teens any more. Magorn and Part are 20 and Pide and Green are 18 I dunno how old anyone else there is.

                • Wow, they’re a lot older than I thought~
                  Drinking age in Thailand is 20, though, so if Pide and Green are giving each other alcohol at 18, umm…

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