9 comments on ““เศร้าแป๊บ (Cry Zone)” by Pide-Magorn

  1. Why didn’t they censor “มันโคตร sad และโคตรเศร้า
    Mun koht sad lae koht sao” in the song if it contains 2 swears in it?

  2. LOL a random side note: My gf on youtube left a comment on this video cuz she likes it and they did a video reading and responding fan comments, and they read hers. It was kind of cool. She’s spazzing out over it LOL. It was the only English one they read, and we neither understand what they even said about it lol. But, I guess it’s still nice, though. She’s happy.

      • *gasp* You’d do that? 🙂 Thank you~~


        Lol, her fan-girly comment is at 2:21 lol I think she got a bit excited about it haha.

        Also, random question: What does your name mean? I’ve been trying to figure it out. I figured elephant since that’s the sites logo, or either owl because that’s you picture on here, or shrimp because that’s your picture on youtube. But after googling, I don’t think an of those are right lol

        Anyway, this is much appreciated 🙂 She’ll be so glad when I tell her 🙂 Thank you~ <3

        • Hahaha they said “A white person commented on our song! She likes it!”
          and then they said thank you and the guy on the right asks what they can say back so he says I love you haha

          And by name do you mean Tahmnong? Or Deungdutjai, the name of the site?
          My name means, like music, melody, harmony, etc. 🙂
          Deungdutjai means “appealing to the heart,” since for many Thai music is only appealing to the ears because they are not Thai and can’t understand it, so I want to bridge that misunderstanding and help people everywhere understand and fully appreciate Thai music ^^

          • So your name means music, and what you do involves music. Wow, that name was meant for you 🙂 Haha, how did they know she was white lol?Because technically, her last name isn’t a white name, despite that she is white lol

            I think the one on the left said some other stuff, too. Like he said something when he had spoken first before the other one said: “A white person commented on our song! She likes it!” And he also said something else when the other asked “what they can say back” the first time. It was the time before he asked again and the one on the left say “I love you”. Do you know it, or was what he said indiscernible? Or was it literally just hi repeating what you already told me? Thanks for answering, by the way.

            • It’s a good thing I did end up somehow getting involved in music, or it would have been a waste since I have a horrible singing voice and can only barely manage the ukulele hahaha~

              It’s pretty much assumed that most people from USA are white, so they used the term for “white foreigner.” And they were just repeating things for agreement, like “ohh a white foreigner” “yeah a white foreigner!” “From USA” “yeah USA” like that haha

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